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1. “TRIP intends to hold agencies to a common time frame, but we aren’t there yet,” she said. 1
2. (This assumes they have the fortitude to stare down the Chinese, who currently hold a whopping portion of US debt, and deny them something they really want). 1
3. (This assumes they have the fortitude to stare down the Chinese, who currently hold a whopping portion of US debt,(This website. 1
4. 'Although laboratory automation holds the promise of increasing sample throughput, in practice this does not alleviate the burden on laboratory staff. 1
5. 'Could you hold for one moment?' he asked the caller. 1
6. 'How long will our fresh water supplies hold out?' captain asked. 1
7. 'If the current level of oil prices holds, the probability of the ruble strengthening in the coming weeks is much higher than of its weakening, ' he said. 1
8. 'It's giving me more things to be fearful of, ' Ryan said, referring to the disclosures of some banks' large holdings of loans to customers in troubled countries. 1
9. 'King Lear' still holds audiences spellbound . 1
10. 'The market sold off 500 points, it's not a crash, it's a small correction, ' said Stephen Holden, a floor trader at the new York Stock Exchange. 0
11. 'There's not much we can do. They seem to hold all the cards,' said Dan gloomily. 1
12. 'We reduced our cash holdings and increased our investments in alternative assets with a view to further diversifying our portfolio, ' CIC Chairman Lou Jiwei said in the report. 1
13. " China inspect chairman of medium trustee bureau to hold presiding apparitor Li Limin concurrently to be opposite " China runs a newspaper " the reporter says. 1
14. " hold on, now , what'er you belting me for? 1
15. " One damned bast -- Scallawag less,'said Tony, holding out his glass for another drink. 1
16. " Well, let's hope I don't get hold of the wrong partner in our masquerade. " 1
17. " Where cheque crossed generally or specially, the holder may add the words "" not negotiable "" . " 1
18. " Why do you still get to hold him? " Crista would say. " I found him! " 1
19. "Be necessary to restrict network ill will to take appearance of honorary of advert damage individual " , assentient holds absolutely dominant position in layer of each areas, sexual distinction, age. 1
20. "But you don't need to think sadness before it grips you", she says as they hold each other's hand under the mango tree at the riverbank. 1
21. "Charisma by Madame Tussaud", fumes venerable film critic Roger Ebert, as the film prepares effortlessly to hold its position at the top of the box office on both sides of the Atlantic this weekend. 1
22. "China faces a dilemma in its holding of the US T-bonds," said Dong Yuping, an economist with the Institute of Finance and Banking at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). 1
23. "DO YOU WANT A CIGARETTE?" I ask Htan Dah, holding up a pack of Thai-issue Marlboros. 1
24. "High-up officials in those (Iranian) agencies, which is an integral part of the Iranian government, were responsible for this plot," Holder told the news conference. 0
25. "I can only speak on behalf of the listed company, " he says. "So maybe it's the holding company, but not us." 1
26. "I got sick, and my friend ran to the bathroom after me to hold my hair back as I became the Exorcist," Marissa said. 1
27. "I tested out the psychoanalytical theories, and they simply did not hold water, " he said Monday. 1
28. "I'm Nancy Drew," she said, holding out her hand. 1
29. "If the data hold up pretty well, it's going to be a bit of a challenge to the view that the U.S. economy is going to falter, but probably won't convince the most skeptical of people," Stanley said. 1
30. "If the polypi should seize hold of you as you return through the wood," said the witch, "throw over them a few drops of the potion, and their fingers will be torn into a thousand pieces." 1

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