Hinder Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. ( As EPA's enforcement action has been hindered by budgetary contraints, citizen suits have become increasingly important. ). 1
2. "Difficulty"and "costliness" in seeing a doctor are two major problems which are hindering the construction of harmonious society and affecting peoples health. 1
3. "Unresolved issues, unspoken anger, unhealed hurt, unless we get rid of them, they all hinder our happiness" says the outspoken and always combative, Dr. Phil. 1
4. A corrosion inhibitor of alcohol fuel to metal is prepared with benzotriazoles, dimeric linoleic acid anticorrosion agent and hindered phenols antioxidant through dilution and mixing. 1
5. A filibustering blowhard of a politician, Dod would use bureaucratic wrangling to further the Federation's aims and hinder the efforts of those who would expose their chicanery. 1
6. A former injury was hindering him from playing his best. 1
7. A series of problems caused by the lack of data overall planning began to appear constantly, and became insuppressible difficulties hindering the IT system development of commercial banks. 1
8. A thigh injury increasingly hindered her mobility. 1
9. Above lamina cribrosa aerosol ore grain of group, carries on the hindered settling lamination. 1
10. Accompanying symptom afld sign of trismus with oral submucous fibrosis (OSf) hinders the dental treatment and basic oral hygiene care. 1
11. According to the best of my knowledge and belief, there is no consanguinity or other lawful cause to bar or hinder the solemnization of the said marriage. 1
12. According to the FWS recovery plan, "this statute could hinder the ability to reduce the effects of barred owls on spotted owls in the southern portion of the range." 1
13. After entering the peritoneal cavity from the presacral plane, the forepart of pelvic floor peritoneum was hindered by the seminal vesicle, and was dissected under transabdominal laparoscope. 1
14. After semination , the penis continues to raise inserts, may cause in the vagina to enter many air, produces the bubble to hinder to become pregnant. 1
15. All of are hindering the further development of Zhejiang's private enterprises. 1
16. Alloy atoms reactive with point defects result in stable atom groups which may hinder the polygonization and recovery. 1
17. Although there're many factors which hinder the change of farmland usufruct in the current farmland system of China, the system has its existent basis in the reality of our country. 1
18. Always wear the right clothing for the activity you choose - clothing worn too tight can hinder circulation. 1
19. An former injury was hindering him from playing his best. 1
20. An overly high peso exchange rate stimulated imports, but hindered exports. 1
21. And he put the handmaids and their children foremost, and Leah and her children after, and Rachel and Joseph hindermost. 1
22. And so you feel the exhaustion laying a rock on your chest, hindering your breathing. 1
23. And so you feel the exhaustion laying like a rock on your chests, hindering your breathing. 1
24. Anger and haste hinder good counsel.  1
25. Animal research has proved of little value in the past and will continue to hinder medical progress in the future. 1
26. Another possible cause could be that you have a deficiency of the helpful intestinal bacteria, which hinders proper digestion of roughage and causes loose stools. 1
27. Any narrowness of approach will hinder attempts to build lasting and sustainable growth. 1
28. As a result, mobile application testing is inefficient and complex, hindering productivity. 1
29. As he followed Isaac, the air felt almost as hindering as the insect-ridden vegetation underfoot. 1
30. At least there seemed to be no obstacles to hinder him. 1

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