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1. and no plumbing or furnace in the gambrel-roofed cottage Salinger bought on a 90-acre hillside tract overlooking the Connecticut River. 1
2. "Geomantic gentleman " express, the house is in hillside position, it is overland all round, need has water to allocate the balance of the five elements, because this suggests his pisciculture . 1
3. 29The bodies of Japanese soldiers lie strewn across a hillside after being shot by U.S. soldiers as they attempted a banzai charge over a ridge in Guam, in 1944. 1
4. a bare hillside. Naked can mean 'without a protective covering':a naked sword. 1
5. A bevy of girls were picking tea on the hillside. 1
6. A Central California rancher uses drip irrigation to grow zinfandel wine grapes on a rocky hillside that was formerly unusable. 1
7. A common sandpiper bobbed on a boulder on the hillside, quietly piping, a muted whistle. 1
8. A flock of geese graze on a Shropshire hillside as they are reared in their free-range environment for the Christmas market in Shrewsbury, England. 1
9. A hillside of trees provides a brightly - colored backdrop a Vermont barn. 1
10. A little temple presided over a sloping hillside with a prospect of open fields and river lined with reeds and willows. 1
11. A memory came back to haunt him: the cold-blooded murder of a soldier on a bleak snow-covered hillside. 1
12. A rainbow arcs over trees blooming on a hillside in the West Indies island of Dominica. 1
13. A rich vein of iron ore was found in the hillside. 1
14. A scouting party of Cossacks trotted away down the hillside. 1
15. A similar system was also used in the West Country on steep hillsides from the seventeenth century onwards. 1
16. A single spark could set the whole hillside on fire. 1
17. A stream tumbles down the steep hillside. 1
18. Above on the hillside was a large, gaunt, grey house. 1
19. Above the solitary institute, with its picture postcard setting, the hillside prayer flags flutter. 1
20. Acid rain has caused severe erosion on the hillside. 1
21. Ahead of me I saw the cluster of small adobe homes Induk had told me about, nestled into the hillside. 1
22. All rushing down the hillside to obey the Samhailt. 1
23. All that remains now of the sixteen dwellings Seller burned are a few tumbled stones, scattered over the green hillside. 1
24. All that's left are some barren hillsides and a couple of exhausted mines. 1
25. All those carved white horses on chalk hillsides. 1
26. An architect planned for a house that follows the contours of the hillside. 1
27. An away-from-it-all hillside resort on the mystical Gulf of Siam. 1
28. An entire hillside was covered base to summit with Hellcat husks and Invid and Garudan corpses. 1
29. An outcrop of white rock from the steep hillside seemed to the children as tall as a cliff. 1
30. And Gail's house on a hillside in Woodstock, New York, overlooking, at a distance, the Catskill Mountains, has something of the air of romance and isolation of the fabled Yorkshire moors. 1

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