Heterogeneous Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A car is heterogeneous: unlike a blancmange, almost any portion of the car is different from other portions. 0
2. A computer method for all-equilibrium calculation of a heterogeneous system for pyrometallurgy is developed in this work. 1
3. A denotation of universal query request orienting integration environment and heterogeneous database is given. 1
4. A heterogeneous catalytic system for methylolation of alkali lignin was constituted of tetrahydrofuran containing purified alkali lignin and solid alkali catalyst with special structure . 1
5. A heterogeneous structure in terms of both size and shape was highly developed and widely distributed on the carbon surface. 1
6. A key feature is the system's automatic two-phase commit support for distributed transactions spanning multiple heterogeneous databases that support two-phase commit. 1
7. A lattice model is developed to simulate the failure process of heterogeneous brittle materials. 1
8. A localization and object tracking approach based on statistical operators and graph searching algorithms is presented for a team of robots localized with heterogeneous sensors. 1
9. A mathematical model for describing coalbed gas recovery in heterogeneous anisotropic dual medium of pinnate horizontal multilateral wells was established. 1
10. A new 6 - DOF universal heterogeneous hand controller was proposed. 1
11. A new TCP algorithm that was applicable to heterogeneous networks was proposed. 1
12. A scheme to manage the security devices uniformly based on the heterogeneous network is brought forward. 1
13. A series of mixing machine breaking machine with high speed, a complete set of appliance used in producing heterogeneous material. Squeezing machine with single double screw- shaped rod . 1
14. A system composed of two or more phases is heterogeneous. 1
15. A System Copy between two systems running on different operating systems or different DBMS systems is called a heterogeneous System Copy. 1
16. According to geologic model of unsteady groundwater flow in heterogeneous medium and adopting the finite difference solution, the direction and strength of oil gas migration can be quantified. 1
17. ACPLT/KS provides easy access in heterogeneous system environments not only to process data and parameters, but also to archived time series and message logs. 1
18. Acute myeloid leukemia ( AML ) is a clonal and heterogeneous disease characterized by a myriad of genetic defects. 1
19. After adapting to certain sublethal environmental stress, bacteria often exhibit enhanced tolerance to such stress, and are also cross protected against heterogeneous stresses. 1
20. After studying the questions of data allocation and tile declustering in heterogeneous disk systems, a same-rate virtual disk dividing method and a virtual disk sorting method are proposed. 1
21. ALIRS runs on a unified platform, which overlooks the heterogeneousness of the members within the LAN. 1
22. All in all, this strange heterogeneous structure finally gives a pretty weak protection to the information bits carried by pre-pits. 1
23. All the allergic rhinitis, nasosinusitis and many chronic inflammatory diseases of otorhinolaryngology are the immune response that body immune mechanism aims at inbreaking heterogeneous ingredient. 1
24. All this put the emphasis on the content and was consequently responsible for the heterogeneous nature of literary studies. 1
25. Although they look similar, business process flows are defining the execution sequence of services which may run across many different and heterogeneous systems. 1
26. America has a very heterogeneous population. 1
27. Americans are heterogeneous in their origins, constantly striving to rediscover what they have in common. 1
28. An approximate query algorithm for heterogeneous - oriented extensible markup language ( XML ) documents - TPQR was proposed. 1
29. Analysis and calculation of parameters of core plane porosity make up the calculation inadequacy of porosity parameter in heterogeneous reservoirs. 1
30. Analyze the problem of data exchange technology in existing heterogeneous CAD system. 1

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