Hesitate Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use hesitate, so you can learn how to use hesitate in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word hesitate here, and see the words sound like or similar to hesitate

# Sentence Times
1. "Besides..." Melissa hesitated, trying to think of a tactful way of telling him the truth. 1
2. A false move and the State would not hesitate to send him to the same grave as his father and grandfather. 1
3. A moment later the shadowy figure came into the hallway, hesitated for a second, then moved across to the stairs. 1
4. A new environment, in which patients will not hesitate to come forward for diagnosis and treatment at any health facility, must be created. 1
5. A person who is trying to deceive needs to think more about what they are doing, so they may drift off or pause as they think about what to say or hesitate during speech. 1
6. A powerful wasp insect that will not hesitate to attack passersby with its poisonous stinger. 1
7. A young man walked across the derelict site and hesitated as he reached Tony's car. 1
8. According to the mass queuing phenomenon in reality, the will-be-in-queue customer would hesitate about the more in-queue customers, thus the probability of his in-queue would be influenced. 1
9. Agitation: Of the above grievances we not hesitate to complain, and to complain loudly and insistently. 1
10. Alison hesitated moment, as if she were waiting for him. 1
11. Already some companies have hesitated to move ahead with MRAM, estimating that yet another version of random-access memory is unlikely to pull in large revenues. 1
12. Also, don't hesitate to contact Jane Wheedle at 06 - 5912 - 7384 if you have urgent business. 1
13. And the most important of all: she is supportive. So that if her kid gets into a fight, even if it is with a higher-ranking individual, she will not hesitate to go in and help. 1
14. Arete didn't hesitate. He snatched Hensley's weapon and jumped through the exit. 1
15. Arete didn't hesitate. He snatched Hensley's weapon and jumped through the exit.sentence dictionary 1
16. As if unsure of where she was, she hesitated and looked round. 1
17. As Yanto went through, Billy turned and hurled his stick at the oncoming stag, which hesitated slightly. 1
18. At times firms may hesitate to respond to an expansionary policy fearing that it will be reversed soon. 1
19. Big company is in all the time hesitate press forward, because their tradition thinks, reach concern. 1
20. Bladen hesitated, then a slow grin crossed his face. 1
21. Bodie hesitated only briefly before making his apologies and walking away. 1
22. Britain should therefore not hesitate to use whatever powers and diplomatic skills she possesses to ensure that it does not come about. 1
23. But an irritating and inopportune appearance of honour made him hesitate to benefit from her rejection by Alfred at least for tonight. 1
24. But as they hesitate outside the door marked Geo. 1
25. But Justice hesitated; it had never before asked any federal court to hold gender-based classification to the strict scrutiny standard. 1
26. Convinced that a vast Confederate army lay in wait for him, McClellan hesitated to march on Richmond, Virginia, the rebel capital. 1
27. Deng said in a November 1989 meeting that, under similar circumstances, he would not hesitate to take the same action. 1
28. Despite keeping such company, he did not hesitate to impale the rich and mighty on his pen. 1
29. Do not hesitate to laugh at anything you find amusing. 1
30. Do not hesitate to learn what you do not know. Do not be afraid to do what you have never done. Dr T.P.Chia  1

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