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1. "They are our closest living relatives and thus are in a unique position to inform us about our evolutionary heritage, " said Dr Parr. 1
2. "We want to pre-empt any auction of Gandhi items in the future by making it known that selling or buying these heritage articles is illegal, " the official was quoted as saying. 1
3. A dot file is a convenient place to keep options and settings, because (per UNIX heritage) file names that begin with a dot do not appear in a standard directory listing. 0
4. A Forte spokesperson says the launch of the heritage campaign is timed to coincide with the Easter break. 1
5. A high regard for ivory has been part of the human heritage since the first appearance of modern man. 1
6. A land with rich cultural heritage, Zhejiang has produced many eminent people since ancient times. 1
7. A luminary now in the exile community outside Washington, DC, Ms Nafisi appears to have made peace with her family and her heritage. 1
8. A month earlier he had promised Kraft that the British government would scrutinise a foreign buyer to ensure that "respect" was paid to Cadbury's proud heritage. 1
9. A new national lottery to aid sport, the arts and the national heritage. 1
10. A positive consequence of this is that the church has preserved her spiritual heritage and also maintained her community base. 1
11. A shared cultural and political heritage helped America to eclipse British power without bloodshed, but the rise of Germany and Japan precipitated global wars. 1
12. A special collection of local memorabilia offer a fascinating insight into Nottingham's industrial heritage. 1
13. Abstract: In order to research the heritage laws of brix, crude protein and crude fiber of stalk in Sweet Sorghum, three reciprocal cross combinations were designed. 1
14. According to both The Oxford English Dictionary and the American heritage Dictionary, in ancient Greek the bivalve shells you might find at the beach were called ostrakon. 1
15. Akens antiphonal singing assembly is a unique oral linguistic art and plays an important role in the historical heritage of the Kazak culture. 1
16. Also under construction is " Atlanta heritage Row ", a 4,000 - square - foot pavilion about the city's past. 1
17. Although Sushi had experienced a lot of hard work and a near escape, he still insists on his will and keeps his optimistic attitude to life. He left many valuable literary heritage. 1
18. And let this fiftieth year be kept holy, and say publicly that everyone in the land is free from debt: it is the Jubilee, and every man may go back to his heritage and to his family. 1
19. And Nicholson's have not been slow to realise the commercial potential of this classic heritage. 1
20. Anyone who already has a decoder can carry on watching, a spokesman for the Department of National heritage acknowledged. 1
21. Arabs are inordinately proud of their linguistic heritage. 1
22. Arthur's exquisite colored etchings and Bonnie's informative text bring to life a fascinating heritage that gave support and sustenance to the variety of needs and functions of a working farm. 1
23. As a key historical site and typical architecture of contemporary China, it is approved by the State Council to be listed among the fifth group of Important Cultural heritage under State Protection. 1
24. As an outstanding folk art, paper-cut was selected into the intangible cultural heritage list by the UNESCO in 2006. 1
25. As far as styling goes Lakewood are obviously borrowing heavily from the Martin heritage, since in outline these are millimetre-perfect dreadnought copies. 1
26. As mystery, it becomes a unique cultural heritage unavailable to foreigners. 1
27. As stated in the supplement, the heritage erosion is due to ignorance, and not wanton destruction. 1
28. As the 1860s drew to a close, Kansas effectively put its violent heritage behind; change accelerated by leaps and bounds. 1
29. As the heritage boom gathers pace, made-to-measure company and family biographies have become big business. 1
30. As we know that cultural heritage is one of the unrenewable valueless resources. 1

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