Heedless Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use heedless, so you can learn how to use heedless in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word heedless here, and see the words sound like or similar to heedless

# Sentence Times
1. "Traces of story" where nature, heedless of neglect, repossess its spaces. 1
2. A heedless, reckless creature he was. 1
3. About the first adventure we had yesterday afternoon after landing here , came near heedless Blucher. 1
4. All his life, he enjoyed heedless and extreme practical jokes. 1
5. Because they are prudent, so they don't heedlessly start the romance. 1
6. But as to how a disciple of the noble ones lives heedlessly and heedfully, listen well and pay attention, I will speak. 1
7. But if they keep spending heedlessly, they will saddle the economy with a heavy burden of public debt which may crowd out private investment. 1
8. Don't stumble, you heedless little thing. 1
9. Growing cities, overuse of fertilizers, and factories that heedlessly dump wastewater have degraded China's water supplies to the extent that half the nation's rivers and lakes are severely polluted. 1
10. He darted forward, heedless of the flailing hooves and cursing rider and struck out towards her with his placard. 1
11. He is heedless of expenses. 1
12. He is heedless of the consequences. 1
13. He is heedless of the noises out of the windows. 1
14. He was involved in a lawsuit because of his heedless remarks. 1
15. He was stretched out on his back, his sheet tossed off, completely naked and heedless. 1
16. I can spend your money without stint, my time heedless of expense. 1
17. I have promised myself – I will not again allow any child I know be deprived of the chance of education either because of my heedlessness or as a result of the faulty system. 1
18. If you heedlessly damage your virtue, you bring shame and disgrace to your parents. 1
19. Journalists had insisted on getting to the front line of the battle, heedless of the risks. 1
20. Madame Olenska , heedless of tradition, was attired in a long robe of red velvet. 1
21. Morel was rather a heedless man, careless of danger. So he had endless accidents. 1
22. Morel was rather a heedless man(sentence dictionary), careless of danger. So he had endless accidents. 1
23. Natalie, I have certainly been heedless about a serious matter. 1
24. No driver wanted to plough heedlessly into a crowd of unarmed civilians. 1
25. Nurse does not have the means that to guarantee that the US ultra wound restoration, has to let two paternal aunts signatures, agreed that ties up his hand cannot move heedlessly . 1
26. O'Hara rode on, heedless of danger. 1
27. Paul was full of triumph, and made love exultantly, heedless of her reluctance. 1
28. Presently this thought occurred to me; how heedless I have been! 1
29. Remember, Katish, that all this was done heedlessly , in a moment of anger, of illness, and then forgotten. 1
30. Sangxiao answered heedlessly , figuring that Lianxiang was just jealous of his other woman. 1

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