Heaviness Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A body in conflict with gravity experiences unnecessary heaviness and weight. 1
2. A friendly critic might have called his heaviness weighty. 1
3. A light Aloe & Apricot infused conditioner to repair the hair without any heaviness or greasiness. 1
4. A pressure, heaviness, and often pain in my lungs in the morning. 1
5. A sodden heaviness weighted down her limbs. 1
6. But I determined this with myself, that I would not come again to you in heaviness. 1
7. But is heaviness truly deplorable and lightness splendid? 1
8. By doing this your muscles will gradually begin to relax and feelings of calm and heaviness will develop naturally. 1
9. By the reappearance of the different types, different symbols torii in Huizhou, it posts the refulgence and heaviness of the traditional culture of Huizhou. 1
10. Clinical symptoms are abdominal heaviness, nausea, eructation , loss of appetite, especially abdominal pain, and discomforting evacuation. 1
11. Due to secretion's stimulation towards urethral orifice, it will cause emiction frequency, urgent emiction, aching emiction, heaviness inside vagina, hot and fatigue. 1
12. Everything in her person was round and replete, though without those accumulations which suggest heaviness. 1
13. Excision of brow fat pad is an extremely valuable adjunct to blepharoplasty surgery in some patient with heaviness and bulkiness in the lateral upper orbital region. 1
14. His face was all heaviness,(Sentencedict) sexual meat. 1
15. His lectures tend to heaviness and repetition. 1
16. In any case Porsche had personally taken over Hitler's bias for super - heaviness. 1
17. In the latter stage, after the heaviness starts , ignore them, they will soon stop. 1
18. Massage on the related points gives very good effect for curing hemicrania , blood vein nervous headache, cold headache, and unreasoning headache, or heaviness in the head. 1
19. My soul melteth for heaviness : strengthen thou me according unto thy word. 1
20. Nothing lifted the heaviness of her heart after her loss. 1
21. Once the heaviness dropped away her black hair formed into tight curls, and for the first time she looked almost pretty. 1
22. Originating from the Chinese funny tradition, from the Chinese optimistic mind, the aim of buffoonery is to make use of the art lightness to lighten the life heaviness. 1
23. She'd been complaining about heaviness in her lower abdomen. 1
24. The heaviness in the evening air oppressed us both. 1
25. The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again. Steve Jobs  1
26. The signs and symptoms of lymphedema include, in a limb, a feeling of heaviness or tightness, aching or discomfort, restricted range of motion, and swelling (partial or total). 1
27. The suggestions of heaviness, reference to lead weights, and the body sinking down under this weight continue throughout the procedure. 1
28. The top of the wall is usually undulated and relieved of its heaviness by tile - tracery. 1
29. Their crackling bad humour left them, but the heaviness of their spirit remained. 1
30. We are impeded by the heaviness and slowness of our vessel. 1





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