Heartbroken Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use heartbroken, so you can learn how to use heartbroken in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word heartbroken here, and see the words sound like or similar to heartbroken

# Sentence Times
1. A rain cloud, tells the story of a heartbroken should be said of having sexual intercourse be disappointed! 1
2. Besides being heartbroken, she felt foolish. 1
3. Charlie was heartbroken: Robert was deeply unhappy. 0
4. Even if you pretend to be indifferent, at that moment, you will be thousandfold times heartbroken than I simply because you still love me. 1
5. Friends are tonight trying to comfort the heartbroken teenager. 1
6. Hank Morgan is heartbroken at the end because he cannot get back to his Arthurian sweetheart. 1
7. Hard wait, but fingers chopped black hair breeze, Ta Ge and the line, were left heartbroken. 1
8. He was heartbroken when she left him. 1
9. He was the first opera star to be imitated, drunkenly, by legions of joyful or heartbroken football fans. 1
10. Her elastic voice easily negotiated some truly devious melodies, somehow managing to sound joyful and heartbroken at the same time. 1
11. Her untimely death at 25 made her parents heartbroken. 1
12. His death in Brisbane is the third tragedy to hit estranged wife Sue and heartbroken parents Maurice and Marlene. 1
13. I've been feeling so lonely , hopeness, heartbroken sine my wife died. 1
14. If she ever left him he would be heartbroken. 1
15. In others, such as that of the Rheinmaiden Lorelei, the siren is heartbroken and kills for revenge. 1
16. Little Alice was heartbroken when her pet canary (1) died, and to soften the blow, her father gave her a cigar box for a coffin and assisted in burying the canary in the back yard. 1
17. Mark was heartbroken when Jane returned to her old boyfriend. 1
18. Mary had expected the old woman to be heartbroken at having to part with this clock. 1
19. Mr. Brooke was heartbroken and Meg began to feel sorry for him. 1
20. Six-year-old Stewart Davies carried a donor card everywhere with him, heartbroken dad Brian revealed. 1
21. Surely some one somewhere knows who killed Ann Heron and that person could ease the pain for her heartbroken family. 1
22. The heartbroken emperor resolved to immortalize her memory by creating the finest monument ever seen, the Taj Mahal. 1
23. The poor maid was heartbroken at having been scolded by her master. 1
24. The sad past is heartbroken. 1
25. The wife was heartbroken and guilt-ridden until she found emails in her husband's account that pointed to his other life: one where he would solicit unprotected homosexual sex online. 1
26. Was your daddy heartbroken when they got a divorce? 1
27. When her parents separated, she was heartbroken. 1
28. When the heartbroken Jehan appeared eight days after his wife's death, his people were shocked to see that his coal-black hair had turned snow-white. 1
29. Within hours of the news, Helen was on the telephone trying to comfort her heartbroken friend. 1

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