Haziness Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use haziness, so you can learn how to use haziness in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word haziness here, and see the words sound like or similar to haziness

# Sentence Times
1. A pronounced haziness may signify spoilage, while brilliant, clear or dull wines are generally sound. 1
2. Another is presbyopia which is identified as one suffering in haziness even at arms length of the material that can be tweaked by bifocal classification . 1
3. Body language is a means of nonverbal communication of mankind. Its characteristics are implication, haziness and humor. 1
4. Body language is a means of nonverbal communication that is often found in the communication of mankind. It has characteristics of implication, haziness and humor. 1
5. Each of these sculptural installations, which collectively reinforce one another even as they successfully stood alone, filled the gallery with chilling haziness and premonitions. 1
6. It assumes the form of an inkling whose haziness will progressively dissipate as further poetic efforts are made successfully. 1
7. It is going to take a significant clearing of this haziness for investors to back this stock. 1
8. It is going to take clearing of this haziness for investors to back this stock. 1
9. It will be tough work, hampered by decades of haziness over where boundaries lie. 1
10. Medial and lateral collateral ligament injuries in 28 cases demonstrated hyperintensity on T 2WI, thickening in shape and marginal haziness. 1
11. No more tears, but full of haziness . 1
12. Nuclear sclerosis appears as a bilateral bluish-grey haziness at the nucleus, or center of the lens. 1
13. On top of the haziness created by a fractured childhood, there is confusion created by the fact that we were drugged most of the time. 1
14. Other sleep-altering factors such as depression, chronic diseases, or various medications — which the study didn't account for — can also lead to memory loss or mental haziness. 1
15. So as to make the modernization come out of haziness . 1
16. That's a model other opposition parties, often guilty of policy haziness, need to follow. 1
17. The flower in front of the camera which was flourishing in the daytime has conquered all the haziness and mirage with her obsessed tint. 1

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