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# Sentence Times
1. "The current state of heatwaves could be the harbinger of things to come, " said David Easterling, a climatologist with the National Climatic Data Center. 1
2. An ugly start is not necessarily a harbinger of worse things to come. 1
3. Any actual experience of love could enter into such a sys-tem only as a harbinger of disaster. 1
4. Astrologers at all times and in all land account a harbinger that civilization is about to occur of great change, the universe is about to launch a major disaster warning to the planet and humanity. 1
5. But Kraft's $19 billion bid for Cadbury and Abbott Laboratories EUR5.2 billion bid for Solvay could be the harbinger of a recovery in deal-making in 2010. 1
6. Could Vietnam's difficulties be a harbinger of trouble elsewhere in Asia? 1
7. Edwards was no more than a harbinger of the new way. 1
8. Exert thy voice, sweet harbinger of spring! 1
9. Extratropical Southern Hemisphere Cyclones: Harbingers of Climate Change? 0
10. He initiated the harbinger of Greek philosophy research from heaven to earth. 1
11. Here, we have the Babinski sign as a harbinger of things to come. 1
12. However, it is not possible to determine whether the increase in autophagic vacuolization is an adaptive response or a harbinger of cell death. 1
13. I am afraid I am not altogether a harbinger of good. 1
14. In some cases, it might be a harbinger of health problems—or it could simply mean that you're spending too much time with the blow dryer. 1
15. Indeed, international financial market is portraying China's perceived recovery at the harbinger for global recovery. 1
16. It was a triumph of dignity over racism and surely a harbinger of the future. 1
17. It was an ominous harbinger of species. 1
18. It'slowly drew nearer, with each day bringing a new harbinger of its coming. 1
19. Kendrick is convinced that I am a harbinger of a new species of human, as different from everyday folks as Cro-Magnon Man was from his Neanderthal neighbors. 1
20. Lu Xun will be for ever celebrated as the glorious harbinger of a new Chinese cultural movement. 1
21. Many analysts say a weak January in the small-cap arena is a harbinger of underperformance of the sector for the year. 1
22. Many sea-green incorruptibles will be there, but might this commercial fair be the first harbinger of green over-kill? 1
23. Money held by households and firms is contracting - a harbinger of disinflation and slump. 1
24. Not just any DNA relic, Harbinger3_DR is an ancient transposon—a so-called jumping gene, able to cut itself out of an organism's genome and reinsert itself in a different location. 0
25. One harbinger of what was to come was China's earlier Korean War - in 1592. 1
26. Phytoplankton can also be the harbingers of death or disease. 1
27. Stagflation can be a harbinger of economic depression. 1
28. The cock is the harbinger of dawn. 1
29. The crow of the cock is a harbinger of dawn. 1
30. The crowing of the cock is a harbinger of dawn. 1

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