Hankering Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. a hankering for a wealthy lifestyle. 1
2. All very contemporary, but I found myself hankering for the crisp definition of the old Frederick Austin arrangement. 1
3. Always had a hankering to be a nurse, she did. 1
4. At the age of four, she could read fast and well and she naturally began hankering after books. 1
5. By the time the three-quarters mark of the set screeches past, you're almost hankering after some form of relief. 1
6. European nations, in particular, maintained a hankering for fixed exchange rates. 1
7. Evolution might have played an important part in the human hankering for salt. 1
8. From time to time we all get a hankering for something a little different. 1
9. Have you always had a hankering to be an actress? 1
10. He actually gets the job he is hankering after, as art director. 1
11. He had a hankering to own a car. 1
12. He has been hankering to spend an evening talking with you. 1
13. Her hankering for the outside world is shown through a solo where she is cruelly tangled in the legs of a chair. 1
14. I do have a hankering for hearty, home-cooked meals that I can enjoy with my family after work. 1
15. I had a hankering to see 1949's White Heat, the Jimmy Cagney flick where he plays gangster Cody Jarrett. 1
16. I had certainly found the rural setting I had been hankering after. 1
17. I've always had a hankering to be a doctor. 1
18. I've always had a hankering to go to China. 1
19. It doesn't really sound like you have a hankering for anything in particular at all. 1
20. Most of us have a hankering for the good things on both sides of the line. 1
21. Nor does his comment upon America suggest a hopeless hankering after an actual country. 1
22. Or how about the faint chirp prodding you to invent an ugly doll with a hankering for tickles? 1
23. Or how about the faint chirp prodding you to invent an ugly doll with a hankering for tickles? This website 1
24. She did develop a terrific hankering for a crucifix, though. 1
25. She's always hankering after excitement. 1
26. Thanks to its tropical climate, zoo-wrecking hurricanes and a greater-than-usual number of people with a hankering for fashionably exotic pets, Florida is an invasive-species mecca. 1
27. The experts also say many potential big-wig Tucson visitors have a hankering to play golf when they attend a convention. 1
28. The vague hankering for a pre-industrial utopia is the politics of sixth-form common rooms, not the real world. 1
29. There is no longer a naval tradition among yachtsmen, nor any hankering after playing naval sailors. 1
30. There was always an undercurrent of greediness, a hankering, and sense of waste. 1

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