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# Sentence Times
1. A handout or employee brochure with the basic facts can be distributed. 1
2. A laser scanner takes measurements of the Mona Lisa in this undated handout photo. 1
3. A male common midwife toad carries eggs between its hind legs in this undated handout picture released on March 9 by the Pyrenees National Park. 1
4. All those eligible will receive a cash handout. 1
5. An undated handout image provided by Christie's auction house in London last Tuesday shows a nickel-plated revolver manufactured by Colt that belonged to Al Capone. 1
6. An undated handout photo shows a brightly plumaged parrot in captivity sitting on a branch of a tree on the island of Camiguin, a volcanic island in southern Philippines. 1
7. And then there's poor Aldershot, over £1.2 million in the red and looking for handouts. 1
8. At least " bailout " is a better phrase than " handout " which was also being tossed around. 1
9. At the orientation meeting, every new student received a handout of do's and don't's for them. 1
10. But his real sleight - of - hand is to count handouts administered through the tax code as " tax cuts " 1
11. Countries including Spain, Japan and Denmark have taken this to its logical conclusion, with "pay as you go" schemes, under which migrants get cash handouts to return to their countries of origin. 1
12. Desks were littered with yards of wire stories, celebrity bulletins, picture handouts, telephone messages, and empty coffee cups. 1
13. Despite their wealth, each receives a hefty cash handout from the Civil List. 1
14. Draft Letter of Intent, pages 13 - 17 of the bound handout. 1
15. Each family is being given a cash handout of six thousand rupees. 1
16. Essay # 2 due; bring 3 copies for small group workshops; theory handout. 1
17. Even among the social workers who work in hard-hit communities there is surprisingly little frustration at the meagreness of the handouts on offer or at the lengthy application process. 1
18. He delighted pensioners with handouts and rebuilt the gold - domed Christ the Saviour Cathedral, destroyed by Stalin. 1
19. He delighted pensioners with handouts and rebuilt the gold - domed Christ the Saviour Cathedral, destroyed by Stalin.This website 1
20. He is angry that the Mongolian government started giving cash handouts that he calls "economic infantilism," a product of those educated under the Soviets. 1
21. Here is Professor Johnson's handout on English literature in the 1920 s. 1
22. Homophonous slogans were yelled at those banquets and printed on handouts and environment-friendly bags obliquely to remind residents who Lee was and urge them to go to the polls. 1
23. How can we justify rich landowners taking public handouts while making their farmworkers redundant? 1
24. I know Ford is begging for a handout form the US government. 1
25. I read the handout carefully. 1
26. I used to hang around there on weekends, cadging handouts and running errands and hustling cabs for the swells. 1
27. I'm not interested in state/government handouts - all I want is a job. 1
28. I've listed some useful reading material on the handout. 1
29. In the XIX century the event got out of hand more than once and as a result the handout was first moved from the church to the poorhouse and later still to the Old Workhouse. 1
30. Is wealthy, ferial visited mostly only five yen contribution "to the New Year, " when will visits damning handouts. 1




handouts (plural noun) · hand-out (noun) · hand-outs (plural noun)

  - something given free to a needy person or organization.

  - printed information provided free of charge, especially to accompany a lecture or advertise something.


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