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# Sentence Times
1. “Enough to feed a family of eight, ” said Frank Puleo, a caterer from Staten Island who has traveled to China to handle food-related issues. 1
2. 'Any problems?' 'Nothing I can't handle.' 1
3. 'Pegasus' can be handled similarly if we read it as short for a description: 'the winged horse captured by Bellerophon'. So for all proper names. 1
4. " Don't fly off the handle , Pao - sheng ! " 1
5. " Throw open your lever, " yelled one of the officers, grabbing at the handle himself. 1
6. " you could come out by mentioning you'd been to a bisexual event, really like the way a film handled the bisexuality of a character, or comment that a celebrity coming out as bi struck a nerve? 1
7. "But when you have giga - or terabytes of data, you can't get a handle on it the same way. Now computation and theory come into play, " she said. 1
8. "I hereby depute you to handle my affairs during my absence, " announced my boss, as he handed me the keys. 1
9. "It was a catastrophic error. It caused a loss of confidence in the authorities' ability to handle the financial crisis which really did change things and proved hugely costly, " he said. 1
10. "it's mine, "said Fred, showing a white handled pocketknife, with every blade perfect and shining. "just what I've always wanted. " and he turned the prize over and over with evient satisfaction. 1
11. "Metamaterials give us the ultimate handle on manipulating the behavior of light," Di Falco said. 1
12. "Nobody knows if it's possible to bring down the global internet routing system, " says Mark Handley, an expert in networked systems at University College London. 0
13. "She knows these things are bad for her, me and my husband David have discussed how harmful it is with her. But the cravings are too much for a three year old to handle, ", she added. 1
14. "They're not prepared with the hands-on tools for dealing with children with autism. They can't handle the problem behaviors," she said. 1
15. "Tobacco stringer, leaf handler, planter, water boy." Depending on the season, the children were up at daybreak to work before school, then back in the fields until sundown. 1
16. "We just didn't know how to handle it all, " a barefoot islander told me as he played his guitar beneath a tree. 1
17. A 37-year-old airline passenger was arrested Tuesday in Miami after primer caps for bullets ignited while a baggage handler was unloading a roll-on bag. 1
18. A bar code system records information on every person who handles an instrument. 1
19. A better approach is to let the Twisted server itself hold a file handle for the log file, and only read new records when needed. 1
20. A bicycle handle is provided with a variable resistor for adjustment of bicycle speed. 1
21. A bicycle's handlebars can be fixed with an Allen wrench that is used to loosen the headset. 1
22. A big advantage of using SimpleJPA is that it attempts to seamlessly handle the lexicographic issues I discussed in the first half of this article. 1
23. A binding handle which has only the network address part and yet to obtain the endpoint is said to be partially bound. 1
24. A BlackBerry is sort of a mini - computer that handles everything. 1
25. A camel handler poses for a photograph in Wadi Rum on October 12,2008 in Petra, Jordan. 1
26. A capacious faux-raffia tote with plaited-leather handles and an optional shoulder strap reverses to reveal a coordinating shade on the back. 1
27. A City lawyer has been hired to handle the case. 1
28. A compact man with a handlebar moustache, he heads the orbiter closeout crew; he's the guy who shakes hands with each astronaut just before they lift off. 1
29. A counter offer should be handled with great care and with an eye to good will and future business. 1
30. A couple of minutes later she heard the chair that had wedged the door handle shut being moved. 1

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