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# Sentence Times
1. "Mental handicap" should be replaced with the broader concept of "learning difficulties". 0
2. A child may, for instance, be born with serious handicaps or developmental problems requiring extended periods of care. 1
3. A member of the picturesque Aberfoyle Golf Club, with a respectable 15 handicap, Roy remembers his inauspicious beginnings. 1
4. A second level of priority was assigned to provisions for those severely handicapped children whose educations were judged to be inadequate. 1
5. A teacher who has visually handicapped pupils in the class will need to consider these recommendations and implement them as necessary. 1
6. Access to further and higher education has been unduly restricted for handicapped children and this should be improved. 1
7. Accidents, either at birth or at any later stage in life, can cause mental handicap. 1
8. Accordingly, perception of a gap between social and private returns was not a major handicap to investment. 1
9. All these factors contribute to curbing and handicapping the coherence and effectiveness of the Common Commercial Policy. 1
10. Although the kangaroo has a fast turn of speed on the plan, he is handicapped when climbing trees. 1
11. An accident at birth left him badly handicapped. 1
12. An analysis of the anguished reactions of parents assuming new roles of parenting a handicapped child illustrates some typical responses. 1
13. And even if the agency fails to improve its image, naked bias is not a handicap the way it was for TASS, the Soviet Union's 100-bureau news agency during the Cold War. 1
14. And I have an uneasy feeling that this stance is becoming a handicap in the modern world, like not being computer-literate. 1
15. And it has been in the nature of documentary television to also exploit the subject of mental handicap in a sensational fashion. 1
16. And like any type of physical handicap, it is incurable. 1
17. And since I have that type of handicap, I try to interpret it as best as I can. 1
18. And yet, if Mr Brown does pitch his hat into the gubernatorial contest, he will start with a handicap. 1
19. Any handicaps or special characteristics which obviously affect health and development can not be ignored. 1
20. Around 1 in every 1,000 births are handicapped due to heavy drinking during pregnancy, although the handicap is usually mild rather than severe. 2
21. Article 5 The fosterage family for the handicapped children shall be chosen from the communities where the medical treatment, special education and healing training conditions are available. 1
22. As a 3 handicapper who will no longer work endless hours, he will have a chance to hone his game. 1
23. As a complicated systematical social project, the fanner-worker's acquiring citizenship is facing a lot of handicaps , some of which are institutional while some come from the workers themselves. 1
24. At issue is his controversial view that parents have the right to euthanize severely handicapped new-born children. 1
25. At present, social new rural building breaks 5-system handicap: registered permanent residence system, property right system, education system, medical guarantee system and annuity system. 0
26. At the Link Centre a four-day residential study was arranged for deafened people who were finding tinnitus a major handicap. 1
27. Babies of alcoholic mothers can be born with a severe degree of handicap. 1
28. Beebob has been gradually coming to hand this season, and can strike winning form in the Guildhall handicap Hurdle. 1
29. Being a foreigner was not a handicap. 1
30. Being small is a handicap in a crowd like this. 1




handicaps (plural noun)

  - a circumstance that makes progress or success difficult.

  - a disadvantage imposed on a superior competitor in sports such as golf, horse racing, and competitive sailing in order to make the chances more equal.


handicaps (third person present) · handicapped (past tense) · handicapped (past participle) · handicapping (present participle)

  - act as an impediment to.


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