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# Sentence Times
1. "The conscious process of trying to do the right thing is hampered, and the unconscious process is free then to increase its sway over your behavior and mind, " Wegner told LiveScience. 1
2. "Why of course for the matter of that we could have sent you back last week, " said Johnny rather huffily "did you not know that the hamper goes back empty on Saturdays? 1
3. A loan stock holder is not hampered by such restrictions if his loan stock is not paid on the due date. 1
4. A pedagogy which denies this perversely creates difficulties which hamper the learner in this task. 1
5. A PROPERTY developer has claimed congested roads in Middlesbrough are hampering the letting of his scheme in the town's Enterprise Zone. 1
6. A rebound of tobacco production has continuously been hampered by unavailability of inputs. 1
7. A returnable 150,000 Lire deposit is payable on arrival but a welcome hamper is included in the price. 1
8. A steady rain hampered the progress of the work. 1
9. A train of mules trailed behind them, carrying chests and casks and barrels, and hampers of delectables to keep the lord of cheese from growing peckish. 1
10. Accreditation is also hampered by several other factors. 1
11. Adoption of modern agricultural practices and use of technology is inadequate, hampered by ignorance of such practices, high costs and impracticality in the case of small land holdings. 1
12. All except one, who hobbled after them, hampered by the club foot that is the hallmark of polio. 1
13. Although a legitimate government was elected by the Afghan people, it's been hampered by corruption, the drug trade, an under-developed economy, and insufficient security forces. 1
14. Although this can be useful, it also has the potential to hamper problem diagnosis. 1
15. An attempt to rescue the men has been hampered by bad weather. 1
16. And her own delicate manual skills could never be hampered by the customised membrane-thin spacesuits that she works in. 1
17. And so is the yummy hamper over there from Fortnum's. 1
18. Apple also said that selected Power Mac and Performa models are hampered by system freezes and sudden changes in colors. 1
19. As a result, concern over the militarisation of space threatens to hamper efforts to develop clean-up technology. 1
20. At present, Chinese peasants still stand for an identification, which hampers the process of agricultural modernization. 1
21. At the beginning the immigrants' lack of experience and poor organization hampered mobilization, and so other workers struck first. 1
22. At the same time, the waste of resources, the ecological deterioration and the decline in quality of life are seriously hampering the realization of people's happiness. 1
23. Attempts to limit female mobility by hampering locomotion are ancient and almost universal. 1
24. Background: Hearing impairment in children can hamper learning process in them. 1
25. Bad weather is hampering the search for survivors. 1
26. Because of room acoustics and delay in the transmission path, echoes affect the sound quality and may hamper communications. 1
27. Because of room acoustics and delay in the transmission path,(This website/hamper.html) echoes affect the sound quality and may hamper communications. 1
28. Before entering the bathroom, he emptied his dirty laundry into the hamper. 1
29. Business leaders are cautioning against hasty action that would hamper flexibility. 1
30. But hampered by the lack of enthusiasm from the White House, the measure failed to complete its legislative programme. 1

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