Hallway Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use hallway, so you can learn how to use hallway in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word hallway here, and see the words sound like or similar to hallway

# Sentence Times
1. 'What are they doing here?' he asked, indicating her bags in the hallway. 1
2. A door slammed and footfalls hammered the hallway floor. 1
3. A flash as far away as the horizon lit for an instant long hallways of clouds. This website 1
4. A half-block-long hallway lined with white marble columns, arches and artwork. 1
5. A handrail was placed in the hallway. 1
6. A moment later the shadowy figure came into the hallway, hesitated for a second, then moved across to the stairs. 1
7. A nurse directed us down the hallway to the birthing room. 1
8. A Persian rug will add colour and interest to your hallway. 1
9. A young man looked at Ozzie, who was standing in the hallway, smiling, in his shirt and dusty Jeans. 1
10. After midnight we tiptoed down the hallway and out the back door, without anybody seeing us. 1
11. After the hearing, the differences between Thresher and Thomas spilled over into a confrontation in a courthouse hallway. 1
12. All three stood in the hallway, the woman backed up to the wall, a finger and thumb goring her cheeks. 1
13. And the midpoint that table put hallway, the paper with mensal suspensory upper part art lamp, sweet all the more. 1
14. As he left his room, he noticed a mop and bucket sitting in a corner in the hallway. 1
15. As he moved into the darkened hallway he could see those conifers bowing deferentially to the strong breeze. 1
16. At one Wuqi high school, uniformed students walked down a hallway beneath photographs of Amherst College and N.Y.U. 1
17. At the office , they slink into hallways, bathrooms, and stairwells. 1
18. At times, up to seventy iron lungs packed patient rooms, a solarium, and the hallway. 1
19. Brilliant white walls and shimmering blue paintwork give the hallway a jaunty nautical feel. 1
20. Caroline peered into the gloom of the hallway. 1
21. Carpenters worked in the hallway, men with close-cropped hair and poky drawls, calling to each other under the steam ducts. 1
22. Christina entered the hallway and switched on the ceiling fan. 1
23. Coats on hooks in the hallway. 1
24. Colleagues and friends often walked past me in the hallway, then stopped and did a double take. 1
25. Creed caught up with her in the hallway and grabbed her by the shoulder, spinning her round. 1
26. Cut to Ross emerging from a hallway, grinning inanely. 1
27. D'Arcy was shown into the massive hallway and through one of five adjoining doors into the living room. 1
28. Deep late night, he walks pass dusty stairway, low cramp hallway. 1
29. Edna said, with a blinding smile, the echo of her clacking heels loud on the hardwood floor of our hallway. 1
30. Emily unlocked the door and moved into the cool of the hallway, putting down her bag gratefully. 1




hallways (plural noun)

  - another term for hall.


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