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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use guess, so you can learn how to use guess in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word guess here, and see the words sound like or similar to guess

# Sentence Times
1. - Oh, I guess I'm the asshole. 1
2. ” and I told her, “Of course not! ” but I was blushing and I’m pretty sure that she guessed that I tried to start a brush fire in my vagina. 1
3. 'I guess you guys don't mind if I smoke?' he drawled. 1
4. 'Now whether the other guys are going to give up the money from cybercrime because of what they say, no matter how sincere, is anybody's guess, ' he said. 1
5. 'What's that thing in the middle of the fountain?'--'Some kind of statue, I guess.'. 1
6. " I guess he must have forgotten, " exclaimed his wife blandly. 1
7. " I guess I'll be going down town, " he remarked(This website/down town.html), rising. 1
8. " On second thought I believe I'll keep you guessing, too. 1
9. "Her key fit not only my lock , but my ignition as well --so high-five for Toyota, I guess, " he said. 1
10. "I guess I'm a comedian at heart," she said with a laugh. 1
11. "I guess this thing's got to come to an end, " he said, affecting an air of concern. 1
12. "I guess we choked," said Coach Landers after his team's last minute defeat. 1
13. "I guess we'll soon find out who's better," she said with a grin. 1
14. "I guess you haven't eaten yet."— 'As a matter of fact. I have.' said Hunter. 1
15. "I kind of guessed that, " I said, shrugging . My spur-of-the-moment whim hadn't come with a plan intact. "Maybe I'll take them to Dowling's. " 1
16. "I think you're being paranoid." — "Yeah. I guess so.". 1
17. "In most cases, it's all kind of guesses because we don't have samples, " says Scott Sandford, an astrophysicist at the NASA Ames Research Center. 1
18. "My guess is that the paddlefish and the Yangtze sturgeon are on the way to extinction already but there are other species that the reserve may be critically important for," Dudgeon warned. 1
19. "My guess is they're out doing the roadshow for the common share offering," Thornton said. 1
20. "Oh, I don't think I could guess that, "said Big Nutbrown Hare. 1
21. "The allegation is an utterly cock-and-bull story about the Chinese military based on a wild guess and illogical reasoning, " the English-language Xinhua commentary said. 1
22. "The claim that it's extragalactic is kind of a guess, " says Pravdo. 1
23. "The only thing I can guess at is the person who created this is scared," said Eric Sites, chief technology officer with Sunbelt Software and a member of the working group. 1
24. "Thirteen?" he guessed wildly. 1
25. "We're out of gas, so I guess you'll have to walk home," he said, giving me a deadpan expression. 1
26. A ( Alice ): Let me guess. A masher accosted you? 1
27. A casual observer would have guessed his age at 70. 1
28. A classic Hangman game - guess the word and escape from the cannibals making the dinner! 1
29. A good guess, but false none the less. 1
30. A I guess it will be not so hot in August. 1

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