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1. "Government guarantees of private debt, either explicit or implicit, can have profound effects on debtors' and creditors' incentives," Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker said in a speech last week. 1
2. "There must be guarantees to ensure Israel will not breach this package, including halting the aggression, lifting the blockade and opening the crossings, " said Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas adviser. 1
3. A chain hotel located in a city centre or at the exit roundabout of a motorway guarantees many identical rooms. 1
4. A social security system that guarantees urbanites a minimum standard of living has been established across China. 1
5. A standard mechanism is ssh, which guarantees strong authentication in contrast to rsh, rlogin, or Telnet. 1
6. Advanced orbit maneuver technique is one of the most important guarantees to complete space competition missions and keep space superiority. 1
7. All refunds under money-back guarantees should be made within the time stated on the ad. 1
8. All they got was the usual complacent, superficial parroting of the empty nonsense about commitments and guarantees. 1
9. Along with the unceasing expansion of the enterprise annuity scale in our country, the condition to the guarantees and increase the annuity fund value is much stricter. 1
10. Also make sure you have old bills and any guarantees to hand. Allow the viewers to look around on their own. 1
11. Although no company can offer a blanket "no-layoff" guarantee in this age, managers can communicate a "lifetime employment without guarantees" attitude. 0
12. Although the school system guarantees youths an interview for a possible internship, it does not promise them an actual placement. 1
13. Amsterdam Travel Service guarantees to confirm all your holiday requirements within 1 hour! 1
14. An alternative proposal under consideration saw the KfW issuing guarantees to German banks that bought the Greek bonds, the source said. 1
15. An employment agreement that guarantees a key executive lucrative severance benefits if control of the company changes hands followed by management shifts. 1
16. An investment banker who underwrites a security guarantees the corporation certain price for the securities. 1
17. Another argument is that the planned £250,000 prize fund guarantees the players, as well as administrators, a bumper tournament. 1
18. Article 1 of the constitution guarantees freedom of religion. 1
19. Article 19 of the Covenant guarantees the right to freedom of expression in all its forms. 1
20. As I am an English major my fluency in both Mandarin and English as well as my basic command of French guarantees that I meet the language requirement for the various volunteer positions. 1
21. At first glance America is making progress withdrawing such guarantees. 1
22. Attain ingenious forging and guarantees forged piece quality and effectiveness and pragmatic. 1
23. Background structure for CME propagation is obtained by the time relaxation method, which guarantees it stable and self-consistent. 1
24. Bailouts, stimulus packages and guarantees should be seen as a kind of backdoor protectionism. 1
25. Based on its innovative, striking appearance it's a real eye-catcher and guarantees unlimited photographic fun for people of all ages. 1
26. Bay, TheCanadas largest department store retailer delivers top names in fashion and home goods at popular prices, with the guarantees and service you expect. The Bay where shopping is good. 1
27. Berlin has already reduced to a trickle the special export guarantees crucial to companies trading with Iran. 1
28. Beyond Mr Mandelson's attempts to justify his actions, there is a final factor that guarantees his exile. 1
29. Both sides have agreed on a new electoral law which guarantees secret balloting and an immediate count. 1
30. But he offered few other guarantees and rejected the Democrats' request for a termination date for the investigation and hearings. 1

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