Grounding Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A basic grounding in math is essential for the economics course. 1
2. A critical space condition must be satisfied between protective grounding holes, while the radius variation of grounding hole does not affect the crosstalk. 2
3. A fortunate grounding and optimistic cleansing which a cycle of this sort provides. 1
4. a good grounding in grammar. 1
5. A grounding continuity test shall be performed on a representative design at least once per quarter. 1
6. A grounding continuity test shall be performed on representative design at least once per quarter. 1
7. A grounding plate and a transmission line are provided in a stack of dielectric material layers. 1
8. A high-resistance grounded system uses a grounding resistor (NGR) with a low let-through Ethernet to limit ground-fault current. 1
9. A new method is presented to calculate the non-uniform of current distribution on grounding electrode. 1
10. A practical monitoring circuit for grounding fault of armature loop is introduced. 1
11. A series of experimental data are obtained by measuring different grounding grids, and the base is established to analyze potential distribution in grounding grid and to design the grid. 2
12. A synergetic theory based faulty line detection method for single-phase to ground fault occurred in small current neutral grounding system is proposed. 1
13. Above mentioned modules are described and the principle to judge the grounding direction by use of zero sequence power component is emphatically analyzed. 1
14. Accepted omnibearing university grounding education, suffered favourable professional training, to have solid rationale and practice experience, to have better research and analysis ability. 1
15. Accordingly, some theoretical and methodological grounding for this transformation needs to be provided. 1
16. Accurately understand the sort of low-voltage power supply system grounding form and the correlative language is very helpful for large-scale proofing against thunder and lighting examine and project. 1
17. Adjustable wrist grounding strap in Blue color, an alligator clip, and a 6ft or 12ft coil cord. 1
18. After grounding, polarization charges and shallow charges will be released. The space charges still existing in water tree are called residual charge. 1
19. Again Chapters 1 and 2 would be ideal grounding for any project student attempting inorganic analysis especially at the trace level. 1
20. All applicants for the job should have a basic grounding in computer skills. 1
21. Among current methods analyzing grounding grids in power current, the nodal method of analysis is the easiest and least exponent number of matrix in calculation. 1
22. An assembled hollow grounding equipment including grounding lead-out wire features that it is made up by fastening a lead-out wire to a hollow metal ball. 2
23. An effectively grounded system is one in which the coefficient of grounding does not exceed 0.80. 1
24. Analyzes the normalization of grounding installation project from design, construction and inspection, assures project quality. 1
25. And high amplitude lightning current is fed to grounding grids, spark discharge will be generated. 1
26. Applicants for postgraduate study should have a thorough grounding in economics, preferably at the Master's level. 1
27. Applicants must have a good grounding in human resources management. 1
28. Application of 10 kV network system netural point thought the arc suppression coil grounding way is discussed. 1
29. Artificial grounding electrode technology is proposed according to the on-the-spot survey of distribution transformers in mountain areas of Lianyungang. 1
30. As shown in FIG. 1, the feed conductor 106, and the grounding conductor 108 are carried on a portion of the dielectric support 110. 1

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