Grease Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A certain level of corruption is tolerated as part of the grease that oils the wheels of the republic. 1
2. A conveyor belt lifts the doughnuts out of the grease for a slow ride through a white curtain of falling glaze. 1
3. A dressing-table was cluttered with grease-paints, ribbons, stage jewellery and bric-a-brac. 0
4. A grease-smeared youth answered the door, accompanied by a gust of rock music and an aroma of gravy. 0
5. A greaseproof paper with high wet strength. It is produced by passing a paper web through a sulfuric acid bath that fuses its fibers into a homogeneous mass. 1
6. A great grease redolent of manures and buttermilk! 1
7. A little boy was washing plates and cups in a bowl of water glutinous with grease, food matter and drowned flies. 1
8. A lot of grease comes out of a duck when it is being cooked. 1
9. A lubricating grease suitable to meet the individual requirements for chassis lubricant, bearing lubricant, joint lubricant, water-pump lubricant, and cup grease. 2
10. A polymers are formed during caustic scrubbing cracked gas in ethylene plant, which is generally called grease. 1
11. A standard detergent should take most of the grease off the surface. 1
12. A working substance has been prepared by treating perfluorinated polymeric oils and greases. 1
13. Acid or alkaline solutions, water, grease, Inorganic material, oxidizer. 1
14. Additionally, the extraction of solid grease from interior accords with first-order reaction dynamic model. 1
15. After bilge of gone and general scour off of the breast that wash a face, grease, can reoccupy green tea cleans facial ministry, can help the skin increase cellular active. 1
16. After that, my father jokingly called her his little grease monkey. 1
17. All machine parts can adopt mechanical oil or consistent grease, you should often check the parts that need to lubricate. 1
18. All sheaves and rollers of life boat davit to be overhauled , cleaned, greased and reassembled. 1
19. An ancient tallow candle stood fixed in its grease on one of the cross-beams, with a tinder beside it. 1
20. An appropriate amount of high - grade grease ( bearing 130℃ and being waterproof ) is prepacked in the bearings. 1
21. An O - ring located in nacelle flange is applied between the grease channels in nacelle and bearing. 1
22. And I've had an allergic reaction to the oil and lithium grease, or maybe it's the Ecover. 1
23. And most people agree that some lying is even necessary — to avoid petty squabbles and to grease the wheels of a relationship. 1
24. And when you see like greased lightning that him, the age that you won't associate to him certainly, who is he. 1
25. Animal grease contains an abundant of cholesterol which may jeopardize one's artery or cardinal vein. 1
26. Animal oil, vegetable oil, mineral oil and all kinds of smoke, grease and oil build-up of the weight scale are dissolving rapidly cleared special effects. 1
27. Anticorrosion greases serve for surface protection of metals and are applied by spreading, dipping or spraying. 1
28. Appalled at the state of the kitchen, she set about scrubbing away the layers of grime and grease. 1
29. Apply a thin coating of petroleum jelly or chassis grease to the exposed surfaces of the battery cable terminal clamps and the battery terminal posts. 1
30. As soon as I mentioned work, he was out of the door like greased lightning! 1

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