Gravitas Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use gravitas, so you can learn how to use gravitas in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word gravitas here, and see the words sound like or similar to gravitas

# Sentence Times
1. Badger is a retired schoolmaster, rather short on gravitas. 1
2. He brought a gravitas to the superhero that wiped away the camp and kitsch that had shrouded Batman in cobwebs. 1
3. He has a gravitas that has not just been put on like a flashy waistcoat, nor indeed a Garrick Club tie. 1
4. He is pale, dark, and authoritative, with the gravitas you might expect of a Booker prize winner. 1
5. He provides the intellectual thrust and gravitas of the arguments of those who oppose monetary and political union. 1
6. He's an effective enough politician but somehow he lacks the statesmanlike gravitas of a world leader. 1
7. His gravitas, offset with a flickering irony, gives the production a strong moral centre. 1
8. Secretary of Labor. The little guy didn't have the gravitas to be Secretary of Treasury. 1
9. Terry Pratchett's Discworld might not have the gravitas of other fantasy works, but it makes our list by virtue of being pure fun. 1
10. The reined-in impatience which so often emanated from Ian was absent, Theodora's gravitas mitigated and Julia's social nervousness sedated. 1
11. The second: when you do come down strongly on someone's side, refer to a higher authority to give yourself the requisite gravitas. 1
12. Therefore, Europe's relative gravitas and weight in both global affairs and American issues will proportionately decrease. 1
13. To start with, he took a bold step in making a high-budget epic in black and white, which was commercially risky but added a great deal of gravitas. 1
14. We like the convenience of looking up a word on the fly on the screen, and the gravitas of doing it, not on the fly, from one of the O.E.D.'s 20 volumes. 1
15. You acquire gravitas and project it like a cologne whenever you discuss the singular and laudable Salomon Brothers culture. 1

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