Gravestone Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A better solution might be to transform the gravestone itself into a powerful visual icon. 1
2. A Dutch inventor has developed a digital gravestone with an LCD display showing pictures and films. 1
3. Beyond a flint wall was a small graveyard, the gravestones crammed in as though the corpses had been buried standing up. 1
4. But I won't even get my name on my gravestone. 1
5. But the greatest praise perhaps came from William Wordsworth, who wrote the epitaph for Green's gravestone. 1
6. But this is misleading, and those who have tried to take Sumu-ilum have found that out to their peril, catapult missiles can do little harm to ensorcelled gravestones that make up the walls. 1
7. Centuries of wind and rain had worn away the inscriptions on the gravestones. 1
8. Grabbing her bound hands, he shoved her towards the gravestone. 1
9. He looks at the ceiling, takes a deep breath, and presses the edge of the blade into his skin, cutting along a line drawn under the gravestone. Sucre winces as he witnesses this self-mutilation. 1
10. He was particularly delighted by the hearth - a seven-foot-by-three slate slab - probably a gravestone, he thought. 1
11. His discovery of the Hovis process is recorded on his gravestone. 1
12. His gravestone in Montevideo, Uraguay where he died) reads: "The wise Rabbi Chouchani of blessed memory. His birth and his life are sealed in enigma." 1
13. I swept rainwater off the flat top of a gravestone. 1
14. In the video "Hail Mary" released under the name Makaveli, there is a gravestone that says Makaveli. 1
15. IS graves gravestone , since the Han Dynasty had also been before. 1
16. It can be approached from a path made of gravestones laid end to end through the churchyard and over a brick-built bridge. 1
17. It was a misty afternoon, but the February sun shone dimly, and we could just distinguish the two fir trees in the yard, and the sparely scattered gravestones . 1
18. It's my intention that they appear on my gravestone. 1
19. It'seems like becoming a gravestone departing from the real world. 1
20. Letters carved on gravestones become unreadable in mere hundreds of years. 1
21. Life's primal forces are close at hand in Bena, on the island of Flores, where homes shaped like volcanic cones stand beside megalithic gravestones. 1
22. Nansen died of a heart attack in 1930 on the balcony of his castle-like house in Lysaker, on Oslo's outskirts, where his ashes are now buried beneath a simple gravestone on the south lawn. He was 69. 1
23. No gravestone, no name, no identifying mark of any kind. 1
24. On Revenue avenue, the grave traveler jumped the gravestone bravely. 1
25. Ozu's gravestone bears no name, only an old Chinese character, wu, which means: emptiness, nothingness. 1
26. Patterns in Nature: Mysterious Earth Lichens grow on a granite gravestone in Lake Champlain, New York. 1
27. People presently came flowing out of the door and spread between the gravestones. 1
28. Several of the gravestones had been defaced and were impossible to read. 1
29. Slowly, a drawing emerged of a yew tree, overlooking several gravestones. 1
30. Some years earlier he chose a gravestone. 1

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