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1. A granulation annealing process to change the flake pearlite of malleable iron into granular pearlite was studied with metallography method. 1
2. After storing 150 days, taking a sample from the granulation(rind puffing)fruit, the nucleus, nucleolus, mitochondrion and chromoplast could also be seen. 0
3. AIM: Inappropriate treatment of skin wounds can induce the formation of pseudo epitheliomatous hyperplasia (PEH) characterized with over proliferation of epithelium and granulation tissue deposition. 1
4. An analysis is made of ammonium phosphate production by the process of pre neutralization and ammoniation granulation in high elevation regions. 1
5. Anaerobic sludge granulation process is a multistage process that is decided by many factors such as operational condition, substrate and so on. 1
6. At this stage the healing area is reddish in appearance and is referred to as granulation tissue. 1
7. Blood fills the space and clots, capillaries grow into the clot and form granulation tissue. 1
8. Bruce said the main high-speed steel powder metallurgy process: Add a pre-alloyed powder metallurgical high speed steel components, induction-melting furnace, and then made the gas spray granulation. 1
9. By microencapsulation, envelopment and mixing granulation, the stability of the CNN can be improved. 1
10. Compare respectively the quantity of secretion, growth condition of granulation tissue, outcome of germiculture and histology observation, the cure rate of wound surfaces. 1
11. Conclusion External application of ZTOG exerts a better effect than routine surgical dressing change on dispelling edema and relieving pain, reducing exudate and promoting granulation. 1
12. Conclusion The impression of arachnoid granulation in occipital bone has characteristic features of CT. 1
13. Conclusion: The Jujing granulation with blood circulation has good curative effect on male sterility with abnormal nucleoprotein transition. 1
14. CT-pathologic correlation demonstrated that patterns of enhancement of mediastinal tuberculous lymphadenitis were correlated with distribution of granulation tissue and caseous areas. 1
15. CT-pathologic correlation demonstrated that patterns of enhancement of mediastinal tuberculous lymphadenitis were correlated with distribution of granulation tissue and caseous areas. This website 1
16. Healing of inflammation often involves ingrowth of capillaries and fibroblasts. This forms granulation tissue. 1
17. Hypovitaminosis A causes hydrocephalus by altering CSF resorption at the arachnoid granulations . 1
18. In metaphase decrease the chronic soakage of inflammatory cell , destroy the epidermis and adenalgia, accelerate the proliferation of granulation . 1
19. In the most severe cases of onychocryptosis, there is chronic inflammation, granulation, and marked nail-fold hypertrophy. 1
20. In this thesis, centrifugal spray dry is used in the preparation of granulation powder. 1
21. It includes three steps - hot metal granulation, solid state decarbonization and electric furnace melting down. 1
22. Major producers are the new licensing XRRL melting granulator and granulation head. 1
23. Method: Using microcrystalline cellulose and sodium starch carboxy methyl as the important adjuvant, wet granulation and tableting, Rolling coating method for coating. 1
24. Method:41 cases of this disease were treated locally with MEBO after wound debridement and trephination and drainage, to promote granulation to cover the exposed bone substance. 1
25. Methods: The tablets were prepared with the method of wet granulation. 1
26. Methods: We cut off granulation tissue and a part of nail stroma. 1
27. Methods:Different doses of CQG were given to mice with swelling feet induced by acetic acid, cotton balling granulation, and carrageenin. 1
28. Objective : To evaluate the therapeutic effects of Jujing granulation on asthenospermia. 1
29. Objective To investigate the analgesic effect of urgotul on infected wound surface at stage of granulation tissue treated by hydropathic compress with herbal yellow water gauze. 1
30. Objective:To observe the histological changes in the course of epithelialized regenerative repair of ex- tensive deep burn granulation wounds with auto micro epidermic grafting. 1

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