Godforsaken Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A diamond is my ticket out of this godforsaken continent. 1
2. But at the time I could not imagine living in such a godforsaken place. 1
3. For many of them this money was the only way to survive another year in this godforsaken place. 1
4. Forget those godforsaken southerners, those peasants. 1
5. Goddamn it, Eustis, can you just for once in your empty-headed, godforsaken life shut yourself up! 1
6. How can you stand living in this godforsaken town? 1
7. How could he be intimidated by the threat of expulsion from this godforsaken country? 1
8. I can't stand living in this godforsaken hole. 1
9. It was possible that even a reject like him could be of use in such a godforsaken spot. 1
10. It would deeply affect the rain forests and kill endangered species if we tear it down to build some godforsaken slaughter house to abuse animals. 1
11. It's of an old Polish oxcart sitting on some godforsaken road in rural Russia somewhere. 1
12. Natalie shuddered. " I don't know. It's a godforsaken place, Briny. " 1
13. Our car broke down in some godforsaken corner of the Pennsylvania backwoods. 1
14. Safe in a Pullman , I have whirled through the gloomy, godforsaken villages of Iowa and Kansas, and the malarious tidewater hamlets of Georgia. 1
15. Silhouetted sticks of rotted snow barriers emphasise godforsaken desert stretching for endless miles. 1
16. The frightened animal let out such a godforsaken scream that I half expected to be surrounded by every bear in the mountains. 1
17. The town is a godforsaken place at night. 1
18. Then Ranieri persuaded the firm to give him a sales force to sell the godforsaken mortgages he was being asked to trade. 1
19. They live in some godforsaken place 40 miles from the nearest town. 1

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