Gloomy Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. 'Still,'said Darnay,'you know how gloomy and threatening the sky is.'. 1
2. " And in half an hour,'said Maximilian in a gloomy voice, " our name is dishonored! " 1
3. "They" are women without prominent sex character, very neuter, attired in gloomy colors. 1
4. A few faint gleams of sunshine lit up the gloomy afternoon. 1
5. A few faints gleam of sunshine lit up the gloomy afternoon. 1
6. A few gleams of sunshine lit up the gloomy afternoon. 1
7. A flight of steps leads up to it through a deep and gloomy but magnificent arch. 1
8. A long, crotchety letter, as we might say in Chile: gloomy and irritable. 1
9. A redoubtable method, and one which, united with genius, rendered this gloomy athlete of the pugilism of war invincible for the space of fifteen years. 1
10. After a gloomy summer of discouraging news, we all needed a boost. 1
11. All of this seems to have painted a rather gloomy picture. 1
12. Already shakedown company, without do not lie gloomy maintained position. 1
13. Although the Bank of Japan stayed out of the rate cutting, the mood was gloomy as Tokyo's Nikkei 225 index closed down 9.4%. 1
14. Although Weimar Republic is the first democracy republic in German history, it was replaced by the gloomy and reaction Third Reich after only existing thirteen years. 1
15. An isolated house was on their right, guarded by dark gloomy barns. 1
16. And the heavy-metal lyrics and art exhibits already symbolizing the millennium with images of imminent apocalypse are more gloomy than rational. 1
17. And yet rarely has a summit been preceded by such gloomy prognostications. 1
18. Anne dismissed these gloomy thoughts from her mind. 1
19. Approaching nearer, the Gothic building is gloomy and heart - rending. 1
20. As an antidote to a gloomy climate, expect spring 2009 to usher in sparkle and pizzazz. Here are some shimmery looks seen recently on celebrities and the runways alike. 1
21. BAs gloomy as this prospect might be, it also set us apart. 1
22. Bating the passing uneasinesses occasioned by a few gloomy anticipations, the portion of my life which had already gone by had been happy beyond the common lot. 1
23. Being alone in that gloomy house gave me the willies. 1
24. Blend frontal scene perfectly with the background to show the gloomy, gray atmosphere with the caesious environment. 1
25. But against this gloomy background, there's a remarkable resurgence of real ale. 1
26. But I felt too gloomy to put myself into the greater gloom of the street. 1
27. But if there's no sound at all the silence is fearfully gloomy. 1
28. But on account of her "egotist experience", her feminine self-consciousness was filled with "pessimistic" and gloomy color, which greatly influenced the transcendence of herself. 1
29. But perhaps this is too gloomy and bleak a view. 1
30. But the prospect was alarming enough and it was a gloomy festival at Christmas 1978. 1

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