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# Sentence Times
1. A division of the tribe or of the gens into different classes was equally impossible. 1
2. A further stage in the scheme is much more interesting: this is the stage of the communal gens. 1
3. All offices were elective , generally within a gens , and to that extent hereditary to the gens. 2
4. All the male members of the gens were equally eligible. 1
5. Among the Iroquois the ceremony of adoption into the gens was performed at a public council of the tribe, and therefore was actually a religious rite . 1
6. And Marx adds: " In the Greek gens, the savage ( e . g . Iroquois ) shows through unmistakably. " 1
7. Another distinctive right of the gens was that of admitting new members by adoption. 1
8. As long as the land belonged to the gens, no such power could exist. 1
9. But in the first place the endogamous character of the gens which is here asserted is precisely what has to be proved. 1
10. Classes and private property grow out of the family and together these various factors lead to the break-up of the gens. 1
11. Guoren were members of the gens who ruled the country, they appeared with the forming of phyle kin relationship in social system and ended with the collapse of it. 1
12. Have " blain " gens mights as well try this face film, but once appear the skin erubescent or remove the allergic phenomenon such as little a knot in one's heart to be about to hurry out of service. 1
13. If the U.S. Strategic Air Command had possessed independent control of the atomic arsenal during those crises or at any other tense moments in the 1950s or early '60s (when gens. 1
14. In a word, the matter appears simple and natural as soon as we abandon the extraordinary conception of the endogamous Roman gens and regard it, with Morgan, as originally exogamous. 1
15. In nets of these charge to an account , need to be registered simply only, you can become their member, become " Zhang guest " gens, enjoy software of free charge to an account . 1
16. It reveals the democratic constitution of the gens. 1
17. Liberty, equality, and fraternity, though never formulated, were cardinal principles of the gens. 1
18. Lobbyists have focused attention on commissioner Michael Dunn , a Democratic appointee , like Mr Gensler. 0
19. Lobbyists have focused attention on commissioner Michael Dunn , a Democratic appointee ,(This website/appointee.html) like Mr Gensler. 0
20. Lone gens often oversight breakfast, ferial perhaps eat very simply, stay need the talent when on the weekend belly-worship. 1
21. Newest research discovers the scientist, have really beside our " asexuality gens " , they are done not have really any " the gender is interesting " . 1
22. No gens would have a chief or sachem from any gens but its own. 2
23. Objective: To study the effect of depo medroxyprogesterone acetate(DMPA, Depo Genston)on bone metabolism in women. 0
24. Obligation not to marry within the gens. 1
25. Obligation of mutual protection and help among members of the gens. 1
26. Originally to the gens, without a doubt. 1
27. Our C, CL, CLE series of genset adopt half open structure which will reduce noise much. 1
28. Prohibition of marriage within the gens except in the case of heiresses. 1
29. Such were the rights and privileges of a typical Indian gens. 1
30. Tasting global cate is the greatest cherished desire of gluttonous gens. 1

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