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1. "By examining the genetics, we have shown conclusively that the Italian sparrow is of mixed origin - it is a hybrid of the house sparrow and the Spanish sparrow, " Dr Saetre told BBC Nature. 1
2. "By touching the bone, you leave more DNA on its surface than actually is in the bone itself, " said geneticist Johannes Krause at the Max Planck Institute, who worked on the Neanderthal specimens. 1
3. "If a geneticist is honest, they would say that someone shouldn't do a DNA test before they do research, " he says. 1
4. "It turns out we can very simply manipulate their genetics to produce fungi that induce up to a five-fold growth increase in this globally important food plant, " Sanders said. 1
5. "It's a breakthrough," says Jaime Gongora,an expert in avian genetics at the University of Sydney. "Extractingeven a little more DNA is really important with ancient samples." 1
6. "It's the visuals, " says Nick Anthony, a professor of poultry breeding and genetics at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. 1
7. "Looking at the advances in genetic profiling, " says Andriole, "I think this kind of advance is just around the corner. 1
8. "My long-term goal is to someday learn enough so we can manipulate the sleep pathways without damaging our health," says human geneticist Ying-Hui Fu at the University of California-San Francisco. 1
9. "Pigs are genetically related to particularly water-loving animals such as hippos and whales, " Dr Bracke said. 1
10. "That's when we made the serendipitous discovery that there is a danger zone for the cells exposed to antioxidants to develop genetic abnormalities that predispose to cancer, " he said. 1
11. "The behaviours that we observe will impact upon the genetic diversity of fur seal populations and may have helped them recover so successfully from near extinction only 100 years ago," said Hoffman. 1
12. "The variation we see in insulin secretion in humans and susceptibility to diabetes is likely related to this clock mechanism, " said Bass, an endocrinologist trained in molecular genetics. 1
13. "They're sort of pear-shaped with big hind ends and smaller heads and long spindly legs and antennae, " says Nancy Moran, a geneticist at the University of Arizona. 1
14. "This is extremely important, " says hematologist Alex Felice of the University of Malta and Mater Dei Hospital, who has studied the genetics of a related blood disorder. 1
15. "This is really still mysterious," said Clyde Francks, a geneticist and the lead author of a 2007 study in which Oxford University researchers identified a genetic variant linked to left-handedness. 2
16. "You can just as easilyflip it around, " says Jeffrey Friedman, a molecular geneticist atRockefeller University, "and ask why--despite equal access tocalories--is anyone thin?" 1
17. "You have this beautiful, built-in, natural control, because you've controlled for any genetic influence on antisocial behavior, " Burt explained. 1
18. 51142 work better, Lenz suggests genetically modifying the bacterium to contain a more efficient hydrogenase enzyme, so less hydrogen is lost. 1
19. A - type granites keep abreast of i-type and S - type granitites, and are animportant genetic type. 1
20. A "seed stock" genetically matched to the new swine flu virus has been created by the U. S. Centers for Disease Control, said Dr. Richard Besser, the agency's acting director. 1
21. A a collection of genic genetic material passed from one generation to the next. 1
22. A baby's sex is a genetic lottery. It all depends on the chromosomes the baby receives from its parents. 1
23. A binary coded genetic algorithm based on sorting is presented and applied to null steering of linear arrays by controlling only the current phases. 1
24. A Canadian genetics study has shown that smoking may damage a man's sperm, which can be detrimentally passed along to offspring. 1
25. A clear example of a mutation altering development is the inherited genetic defect, sickle cell anaemia. 1
26. A Common genetic Fingerprint in Leprosy and Crohn's Disease? 1
27. A community is evolving to take advantage of low-cost, off-the-shelf genetic parts and increasing knowledge in biological engineering. 1
28. A crisp transformation is implemented with the fuzzy model based on qualitative possibility theory arid an improved multi-objective Pareto genetic algorithm is presented. 1
29. A cruel twist of mutation among the Theelin led to genetic incompatibility among their own kind, dooming the species to extinction. 1
30. A degree in radiobiology can be a stepping stone to a career as a radiation oncologist, or a researcher in cancer treatment, nuclear safety, genetic engineering, and other fields. 1





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