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# Sentence Times
1. A gazebo heavy with the scent of jasmine or honeysuckle. 1
2. Actually here is a place that gives goodwife start, small long and narrow gazebo joins outside. 1
3. An interesting three-dimensional robot simulator with dynamics is available in gazebo. 1
4. Before he knew what he was doing, Dougal had scrambled into the gazebo and was kneeling beside the body. 1
5. Before the organ shade of be born suits to decorate the be born door in the balcony and gazebo , appear capacious, use actually especially in summer. 1
6. Behind them the summerhouse and gazebo were already ablaze. 1
7. Beyond the gazebo was a pond fringed with willows; dead leaves and beer cans floated on the surface of the water. 1
8. Dougal grabbed the body's legs and hauled it on its back to the edge of the gazebo nearest the pond. 1
9. Dougal stepped softly over the rough grass towards the gazebo. 1
10. Each of its teak - paneled villas comes with butler service, a private infinity pool and a gazebo. 1
11. Finally, build the big gazebo that when buying a house, gives room of a party. 1
12. From seaside gazebos to dank concrete bunkers, the production design is brilliant. 1
13. Gawk at it in the town gazebo. 1
14. Hairs from her mink coat had been found in the gazebo by the pond. 1
15. He sat on the edge of the gazebo, wrung out the sock and dried himself as best he could. 1
16. It takes days to train the rose to give an impression of nonchalant grace as it rambles so elegantly over the gazebo. 1
17. It's a little hard to know what to do with this gazebo. Does it, in fact, represent the nationalist movement that culminated, or one form of which culminated, in the Easter Rebellion? 1
18. Lighting can focus on a gazebo, garden architectural feature, or archway. 1
19. On warm sunny days, employees can eat in a sheltered outdoor courtyard near an old-fashioned gazebo. 1
20. Once the town's social meeting place, the gazebo in New London, New Hampshire's village green still gathers folk for Friday night concerts. 1
21. Our beautiful outdoor gazebo and glass garden, cobblestone -accented grounds and lush landscaping make it the perfect romantic spot for a memorable marriage. 1
22. P264 crowned by a Chinese gazebo with a delightful ornamental pumpkin and geckos in the ceiling. 1
23. She got married that evening at the gazebo in the garden and then, as her party began to move inside for dinner, a waitress informed her that there was a small fire in the building. 1
24. Stylist is surrounded with the cobble of black and white alternate with in gazebo all round, the style is fashionable and halfback. 1
25. Tents can be of different types like the flysheet , gazebo, fishermen's tent, or a beach tent. 1
26. Terri Fulkerson, whose daughter was also in the burn unit at Brooke, would sit with Becky in the gazebo outside Fisher House after long days at the hospital and "talk mom." 1
27. The balcony, gazebo , platform becomes people to contact the passageway of the outside, join with the living room of open mode. 1
28. The footnote to your Norton here suggests that the gazebo is a summerhouse and by extension it's quite an extension the nationalist movement, and then, "even the whole temporal world." 1
29. The guests were taking their seats on chairs that made an arc around the gazebo; it was split down the middle for the walkway. 0
30. The preacher was standing inside the gazebo adorned with beautiful pink and white flowers. 1





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