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1. America's Evangelical Lutheran church voted to allow gays and lesbians in long-term relationships to serve as members of the clergy, the largest mainline Protestant denomination to do so. 1
2. And anyway the papers say there are lots of gays among the clergy. 1
3. Appointing lesbians or gays to two positions on its advisory council this year. 1
4. At bars that cater to black gays along the East Coast, the contest has become a regular attraction. 1
5. At that time, many gays reacted with outrage at the tactic. 1
6. Back then Republicans did not wear polyester or worry about gays and abortion. 1
7. Billy Graham to Catholic bishops to leaders of the Promise Keepers has had something to say about gays and religion. 1
8. Boxer said she might support the marriage bill if it is amended to prohibit job discrimination against gays and lesbians. 1
9. But Clinton will work hard for legislation to end discrimination against gays in the workplace, he said. 1
10. But was this political climate of friendliness towards the oppressed one that lesbians and gays could afford to ignore? 1
11. But when the election rolled around last Tuesday, gays and lesbians in large numbers stood by Clinton. 1
12. Dan Schottel promises to sponsor legislation outlawing support groups for gays in public schools. 1
13. From the safety of my heterosexual relationship I wore my Gaysoc badge out on the streets. 0
14. He has revised regulations to prohibit discrimination against gays serving in federal government. 1
15. He is likely to overturn the Bush ban on abortion counselling and the military's outlawing of gays. 1
16. Homosexuality is a capital offense under Islamic law and gays have been under increasing pressure. 1
17. In future, all movie gays will be law-abiding citizens with healthy relationships, no repressive hang-ups, and a glitter-free wardrobe. 1
18. In the letter Ratzinger justified discrimination against gays and lesbians in instances when there was an overriding social interest. 1
19. In the name of Freudian nurture theories, gays were once treated with aversion therapy-electric shocks and emetics accompanied by homoerotic images. 1
20. It has led to the establishment of a network of groups for young gays and lesbians. 1
21. It is fitting that Iowa should be the first Midwestern state to let gays marry. 1
22. It was violence that made gay activism explode in the United States: The Stonewall riots of 1969, when a police raid at a bar in New York spurred gays to fight back. 1
23. Like the ceremonies at City Hall, church weddings for lesbians and gays give no legal standing. 1
24. Many gays reacted with outrage at the tactic of "outing" senior public figures. 1
25. Many in the military, more bluntly, have a stereotype of gays as mincing, epicene "others" —a cartoon image which, the Pentagon survey shows, overwhelmingly evaporates on personal acquaintance. 1
26. Mead also said Heller, Ehrman encouraged him to promote the firm as a progressive company for racial minorities and gays. 1
27. More importantly, gays have proved themselves to be style leaders. 1
28. New research from the Center for Work-Life Policy quantifies the cost to employers when the workplace environment is unfriendly to gays and lesbians. 1
29. Not least of all, it is the San Diego neighborhood that many gays have long embraced as their own. This website 1
30. On Sunday, the Holy Father launched his fiercest attack on gays, insisting that the World Pride festival in Rome was "an offence to the Christian values" of the city. 1

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