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# Sentence Times
1. "Hey, Doc, " he said, pointing to the pile of unopened gauze I had brought into the room to re-dress his wound. "Do you think I could have the extra? 1
2. A trademark used for an adhesive bandage with a gauze pad in the center, employed to protect minor wounds. This trademark sometimes occurs in print in figurative uses. 1
3. Additionally one kind of meshy furrow resembles gauze same, plait mark is petty but apparent. 1
4. After seaming, oppress 5 minutes, if bleed to still keep stopping, applied isinglass sponge, hemostatic pink put tooth chamfer check, bite gauze to coil again oppressive and hemostatic. 1
5. All that was visible was a small gap for his nose; the rest of his head was completely encased in gauze. 1
6. And the gauze of curtain of wine red be born of chameleon type, red olivine trillium 7 colour crisscross, gyroidal crystalline light more simple romantic sheet accord with plays a stereo fantasia. 1
7. Anney dabbed the cut with disinfectant and taped a gauze square it. 1
8. Anney dabbed the cut with disinfectant and taped a gauze square over it. 1
9. At midnight the chill first penetrates my gauze curtains and seeps into the headrest of precious jade. 1
10. At present, the company launched a new generation of magnet invisible gauze portiere, scroll type shower door, fills the gap in the market. 1
11. Auntie Muriel buys the cheapest gauze and spends the rest of the subsidy on red wine. 1
12. Awake, the body gradually exuviate go a layer of gauze. 1
13. Because the layer too little, will make marriage gauze looks dry, listless, not enough quite real, fleeciness, cannot reflect gauze qualitative fabrics lightsome, romantic, fantasy feeling. 2
14. Bitter fleabane bitter fleabane that white gauze is dreamy, like in the fairy tale princess. 1
15. Can also convert non-woven fabric, air laid paper, gauze, etc. please advise in advance. 13. 1
16. Compared with the most light fiber we have nowadays—georgette whose fiber number is 14, the fiber number of this gauze is just between 10.5 and 11.3, which means it is much finer and lighter. 1
17. Comparing the above kieselguhr with the current industrial removing V material (copper gauze), the former had some better qualities. 0
18. Conclusion Filling the pre-sacral space with gauzes and pressing drawing pin on the sacrum are effective methods for the injury of the pre-sacral vein in operation of rectal carcinoma. 1
19. Conclusion The relief incision without the iodoform gauze in palatoplasty is beneficial to the patients. 1
20. Conclusion: It is of benefit to treat the relief incisions during palatorrhaphy with absorbable styptic gauze. 1
21. Conclusion: The determination of the ethylene oxide residual quantity of single-use curette set for induced abortion can sampling the pad of gauze. 1
22. Conclusion:The Methonidazole ribbon gauze and Lincomycin cotton ball have good effects in prevention and treatment of dry socket. 1
23. Converse had salved his ear in vaseline and bandaged it with cotton and gauze. 1
24. Cucumber juice : cucumber mincing , squeeze juice giving an oar, apply is in facial ministry, with adsorption of gauze in a way, prevent to drip drip, the scour off after 10 minutes. 1
25. Description: this product is white or yellow gauze-like; odorless, tasteless, with moisture absorption. 0
26. Downstream products including Hemostatic sponges, wound dressings, medical skim medical absorbent cotton, gauze, gauze bandages, elastic bandages, plaster bandage, band, etc. 2
27. Dr. Brown says in most cases holding direct pressure with clean gauze or a cloth for four to five minutes should stop the bleeding. 1
28. Dry gauze was applied to clean the fiberboard on the thoracic cavity wall so as to remove pus mosses. 1
29. Finally, show resourcefulness in an emergency of an a matron of honour, smoke the 3 metals gasket inside marriage gauze temporarily below, just make bridal reluctance crowded go in. 1
30. For bleeding cuts, cleanse well, apply pressure with gauze or a towel, and cover with a clean dressing. See your podiatrist as soon as possible. 1

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