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1. A fetal monitor assesses how your baby is handling the stresses of labor by gauging the response of its heartbeat to the contractions of the uterus. 1
2. A flat metal plate for gauging the accuracy of a plane surface in precision metalworking. 1
3. A key metric for gauging interest besides actual volumes traded is the degree of open interest, or the number of derivative contracts that are not settled during a given trading period. 1
4. After spending a few months gauging public reaction, West Mercia Police intend to use him as a kerbside deterrent against speeding. 1
5. An instrument for gauging and adjusting machine parts; a trammel . 1
6. An instrument for gauging and adjusting parts of a machine ; a tram. 1
7. As a minimum, this system shall include planned maintenance activities, packaging and preservation of equipment, tooling and gauging. 1
8. As long as mastering correct maintenance and trouble shooting methods, good performance of hydrometric tour gauging vehicle can be fully exerted, and its application value also can be fully embodied. 1
9. Because nicotine is found almost exclusively in cigarette smoke, testing the body for cotinine levels is an accurate and dependable method for gauging a subject's exposure to secondhand smoke. 1
10. By gauging the tooth profile of double circular-arc gears, the root circle diameter method is commonly adopted today. 1
11. Changes in soybean water status have also been measured by beta ray gauging. 1
12. Coordinate the specification and procurement of capital equipment, tooling, gauging and personnel for new launches. 1
13. How does AFK determine when a child needs support ? Is there a gauging standard? 1
14. I'm in California, gauging the situation on the ground as the economy here shudders forward. 1
15. I'm in California, gauging the situation on the ground as the economy heres shudders forward. 1
16. Incommunicative as he was, some time elapsed before I had an opportunity of gauging his mind. 1
17. Measures such as strict charge check, accurate gauging, regular inspection on equipment to avoid abnormal loss, training of gaugers and perfect loss compensation system are recommended. 1
18. Neither psychoanalysis nor psychology has discovered a true means of gauging human energy. 1
19. One way of gauging the success of a party is by the noise meter. 1
20. People are gauging our every move. 1
21. Ruby Sapphire balls are opaque red in color and frequently used in gauging devices. 1
22. She's gauging how much was left in the glass after the experiment. 1
23. Specifies dimensions and gauging of tapered pipe threads on plastic pipe and fittings. 1
24. Team members have been gauging rock composition by measuring the x-rays and gamma-rays emitted by a surface bombarded by the sun's x-rays and by cosmic rays. 1
25. Telemetric instrument based on 89C52 and VD5026/5027 is developed which has been applied in gauging water level and rain fall. 1
26. The gauging - machine consists of engine, hydraulic system, communications system of data collection, controlling test system, etc. 1
27. The ground mountedplate is of the key technology of gauging and studying high precision inertia components. 1
28. The method is especially attractive for gauging natural streams. 1
29. The Sisters and guarded , eyes riveted and gauging his every move, trying to outflank him. 1
30. The site operation result shows that better gauging and satisfactory measurement accuracy of the said callipers can be achieved by means of thermal static measurement plus temperature compensation. 1

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