Gauche Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use gauche, so you can learn how to use gauche in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word gauche here, and see the words sound like or similar to gauche

# Sentence Times
1. And he suffered from moral gaucherie also: he disapproved, he reproved. 1
2. But here, high-tech hipsters are regarded as, well, gauche. 1
3. But she could not move away without appearing gauche and childish. 1
4. First love is a little gaucherie with a lot of curious. 1
5. Gold toilets on a private jumbo jet is gauche. Giving to the community isn't. 1
6. He blamed his shyness and gauche manner on his upbringing, as the only child of elderly parents. 1
7. He didn't realize what a gaucherie he'd made. 1
8. He now seems gauche and uninteresting. 1
9. Her poor academic record was traded in for the sharpest of wits, her gaucherie for poise. 1
10. His self-conscious gaucheness vanished as if it had evaporated in the thin cold air of the mountains and he found friends. 1
11. I cannot stand his gaucherie any more. 1
12. I find him terribly gauche. 1
13. I never discuss money. It's gauche. 1
14. It would be gauche to mention the price. 1
15. Next we get the usual nonsense: wordless dialogue, optical semaphoring, gauche laughter, ear-splitting silence. 1
16. Objective : To discuss the clinical & haematological characteristics of Gaucher disease ( GD ). 0
17. Objective To study pathomorphologic characteristics of spleen Gaucher's disease to provide more information for clinical diagnosis. 0
18. On a personal level, though, Terry's enthusiasm was sometimes gauche. 1
19. Results Clinical manifestations of Gaucher's disease of spleen are nonspecific. 0
20. She had grown from a gauche teenager to a self-assured young woman. 1
21. She knew she would be gauche and awkward. 1
22. She was a rather gauche, provincial creature. 1
23. She was credible and creditable and played well the transformation from gauche, unworldly girl to dignified lady. 1
24. She was normally so cool and in command in the presence of men, but he made her feel gauche. 1
25. The result shows that MP2, QCISD, B3LYP can gain the gauche and anti conformers of oxalyl iodide, which is in good agreement with configuration of oxalyl halides in experiment. 1
26. Their excellent manners always made me feel gauche. 1
27. They are painted with a rumbustious panache-or, looked at another way, with a gauche lack of sophistication. 1
28. They didn't seem prepared to say anything that might appear embarrassing or gauche later on. 1
29. This study thoroughly examines the following markets: orphan diseases, Gaucher's Disease and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) markets in Europe. 0
30. Une dame aux cheveux blancs regarde à gauche et à droite. Elle a l'air d'attendre quelqu'un. 1

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