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# Sentence Times
1. 'We could have been in serious ?danger,' said Mr Kingdom. 'I got our people to safety and dashed back to my truck to drive up to the Two gates lay-by on the Tiverton to Barnstaple road. 1
2. "I did not moult from a hawk into a dove, " says Mr gates. 1
3. "I felt when I was at CIA, that as a professional intelligence officer, like a military officer, I should be apolitical, and so I didn't register with a party," gates said. 1
4. "In his prime, gates combined the monomania of the compulsive software programmer with the competitiveness of Attila the Hun, " said Nicholas Carr, author of Does IT Matter and The Big Switch. 1
5. "Is this embarrassing? Yes. Is it awkward? Yes. Consequences for U. S. foreign policy, I think fairly modest, " said gates, a former CIA director and intelligence analyst. 1
6. "Manners make the man, " wrote Wykeham William over his gates at Winchester and at Oxford. 1
7. "Secretary Gates' visit to China in January coincided with the test flight of our J-20 stealth fighter," Chen said. 0
8. "This technology is intended as a mask for the development of an intercontinental ballistic missile," gates said in a March 29 interview on the Fox television network's Fox News Sunday. 1
9. "Two gates there are for dreams," said Penelope to Odysseus after his ten years' wandering had ended. "One made for horn and one of for ivory. 1
10. A boy has come off his motor-cycle at the roundabout outside the main gates. 1
11. A connection was made to the stand pipe each time the portcullis end gates were raised. 1
12. A crowd gathered at the factory gates. 1
13. A crowd had already collected outside the embassy gates. 1
14. A downhill skiing race in which participants must pass between pairs of gates set along a course that is larger and often steeper than a slalom course. 1
15. A few vestiges of the original structure remain today, including the canopied gates. 1
16. A few weeks later I received an invitation to compete at an international meeting in Gateshead, the Amoco Games. 0
17. A group of hacks were huddled around the gates, waiting for her to emerge. 1
18. A large car swished past them and turned into the embassy gates. 1
19. A line of cars swung out of the palace gates. 1
20. A new spatial encoding method is presented to implement optical fuzzy logic gates by using shadow-casting. 1
21. A padlock on gates leading into the station from Eversholt Street had been cut in advance. 1
22. A point of view from a Western Falconer My name is Alan gates and I am a British Falconer . 1
23. A queue formed by the gates, and a policeman tried to move people along. 1
24. A scheme can be considered, i. e. a coal chute rise is re-driven along the edge of goaf in coal pillars, and the gates are run along the strike. 1
25. A self - indulgent America opened the flood - gates of chaos. 1
26. A solitary cannon shot gave the signal, and the invading army marched into Moscow—at the Tver, the Kaluga, and the Dorogomilov gates. 1
27. A surge of people poured through the gates. 1
28. A truck tore past the gates. 1
29. A Volvo estate car was parked outside the gates and a middle-aged couple picnicked on the grass verge. 1
30. A: What did you think of Bill gates when you were at school? 1

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