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# Sentence Times
1. "On a conference call with industry representatives, I said that the T.S.A. will not be your gatekeeper on this, " Mr. Hawley said. 1
2. Affect is the gatekeeper and determines whether the gates are open or closed. 1
3. An offering for the gatekeeper of hell. 1
4. And am only the most lowly gatekeeper. 1
5. Apart from address translation a gatekeeper provides for admission and bandwidth control. 1
6. Doctors such as geriatricians and psychiatrists have been cast in the role of fixers and gatekeepers to protect the institutions. 1
7. Either the thief or the gatekeeper took the picture away. 1
8. Gatekeeper enabled but no gatekeeper address specified. 1
9. Have a very highly skilled gatekeeper to keep you from reaching her. 1
10. Have ill intentions when we want to enter when the gatekeeper at Mother under cross-examination we can not find legitimate reasons. 1
11. He told the gatekeeper to keep vigil. 1
12. His secretary acts as a gatekeeper, reading all mail before it reaches her boss. 1
13. Hollywood studios complain about their limited access to China. But they are also currying favor with the CFG, gatekeeper to the wallets of Chinese moviegoers. 1
14. If you are late for school, the gatekeeper won't let you in. 1
15. In addition to the IIS and ASP.NET configurable gatekeepers, you can also use principal permission demands (declaratively or imperatively) as an additional fine-grained access control mechanism. 1
16. In essence, gatekeepers exist to keep under - performing vendors out. 1
17. It's not about making the amazing saves. It's the little things and small things that made great gatekeepers great. 1
18. Keeping what Ollila calls a "meritocracy" under control is a tight-knit management team—mostly Finns—who act as gatekeepers: Frank Nuovo, for example, signs off every design decision. 1
19. Like other enforcement agents, the field man is gatekeeper to the apparatus of control. 1
20. Looking back he saw that she was pleading with the gatekeeper, who continued to shake his head. 1
21. Mattaniah, Bakbukiah, Obadiah, Meshullam, Talmon and Akkub were gatekeepers who guarded the storerooms at the gates. 1
22. NINIB, gatekeeper of the Astral Gods, Open Thy Gate to me! 1
23. Of all the gatekeepers of the title, Mr. Shalom may have been the most notorious tactician. 1
24. She blandished gatekeeper into letting her through the gate of the theatre. 1
25. She blandished the gatekeeper into letting her through the gate of the theatre. 1
26. Taoism priest all over the face grouchy, drank gatekeeper at once. 1
27. The Blog editor to the top of his bent plays down the intervention to his edit object , he becomes a message filter from message gatekeeper. 1
28. The gatekeeper opened half the gate to let him through. 1
29. The groom should then pay the gatekeeper a token gift to allow the procession to pass. 1
30. The last thing we want to do is impose a gatekeeper that is an inherent delay for patients who have a potentially lethal problem. 1





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