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1. A 25/25XZ3W gated microchannel plate image intensifier developed resently has been discussed. 1
2. A 25/25XZ3W gated microchannel plate image intensifier developed resently has been discussed. The operating principle, gated structure, the key technologies and performances arc described in detail. 2
3. After comparing several CDR (Clock and Data Recovery) circuits, a new clock and data circuit based on the modified gated oscillator is proposed. 1
4. And just as the gated community concept aggravated the problem it purported to solve, so might the missile shield. 1
5. Based on the behavior of spectral hole burning of two-level system, situations of persistent hole burning and photon gated spectral hole burning have also been considered. 1
6. Because they have megabucks stashed away. Provisions for the long haul. Live in gated compounds with mercenaries guarding them. 1
7. Compared with traditional scanning laser active imaging technology, range gated imaging owns some special advantages, such as miniaturization, high frame frequency, high field of view, and so on. 1
8. Direct Inhibition of Cardiac Hyperpolarization - Actiated Cyclic Nucleotide – gated Pacemaker Channels by Clonidine. 1
9. Drag onto the page to add a thyristor, bi - directional triode - type, triac - gated switch. 1
10. ECG - gated axial 3 D VRT image reconstructions were performed at 20 % ~80 % R - R intervals. 1
11. Eclecticism flourished in the 19th century and survived, though much debased, in gated communities and suburban tract housing. 1
12. For gated service discipline, the generating functions of waiting time of customer and polling cycle time are derived, and, by using Markov chain theory, mean of queue length is obtained. 1
13. For more than a decade, Roberts has owned a handful of apartments on Gramercy Park, a gated garden that is the only private park in the city. 1
14. Guests also receive special access to the exclusive, gated Gramercy Park for a morning stroll ($5,000; ). 1
15. However, China's nouveau riche are flocking to growing suburbs and setting down lawn furniture inside gated complexes of villas, shopping at big-box stores and driving luxury cars. 1
16. In 2006, widowed, Mr. Jandali remarried and now lives on a cul-de-sac in a gated Reno suburban community. 1
17. In March, Ms. Daley sold a four-bedroom vacation home in a gated community to Harry Morrison, a Canadian from Lakefield, Ontario. 1
18. In the past 10 years, we've seen the web morph from this linear, cataloged file cabinet of information, to being partitioned by gated social sites. 1
19. LAs block action potential generation by blocking voltage – gated Na + channels. 1
20. Leakage current during the time between the chip is electrified but not programmed is decreased mostly, gated clock and input pull-down are used to eliminate swing power of unused LC. 1
21. Low association dues include gated community, sparkling community pool, spa, tennis courts and Club House. 1
22. Materi - als and Methods: Peripheral gated 3 D FIESTA sequence was used to 12 subjects with breath - hold at the end of expiration. 1
23. Neurons in the brain are endowed with complex information processing functions by their complex dendritic tree structures and voltage- gated ion channels. 1
24. Never gate your clock signal with combinational logic. Glitches may occur on any gated clock signals, which results in false triggering of flip-flops. 1
25. Optically triggered MOS gated solid state relay is a new switching device, which is composed of an MOS gated thyristor, a phototransistor, an enhanced mode MOSFET and a Zener diode. 2
26. She lives , fittingly enough, in a gated French chateau in Beverly Hills. 1
27. The gated silicon field emitter arrays(FEA and reactive ion etching(RIE). 1
28. The method of controlling gated-clock quiescence state is discussed, and relevant circuit is presented. A low-power design method for finite-state machines is presented. 0
29. The trail was gated due to several washed-out sections; government cutbacks have kept engineers from repairing the damage. 1
30. They give a proud tour of the five-bedroom country home set way in the back of a gated development. 1






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