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1. A 17 - year - old - boy with a previous history of gastrointestinal dysfunction had abdominal pain, fever, anorexia. 1
2. A 3-year-old Chinese boy with congenital factor VII deficiency presented with recurrent gastrointestinal bleeding, epistaxis, hemarthrosis and soft tissue bleeding. 1
3. A long lasting exposure to this highly toxic metalloid could affect the gastrointestinal transit, the kidneys, the liver, the lungs, the skin and increases the risk of cancer. 1
4. A male patient aged40, presented with fever, chill, renal dysfunction, pancytopenia and lower gastrointestinal bleeding starting with oral mucosal ulcer. 1
5. AB STRACTDanshen films, biodegradable in coelom, were prepared for uses in promotion of surgical anastomosis in gastrointestinal tract. 1
6. Acute ulcerations were responsible for significant gastrointestinal bleeding. 1
7. Adults immunosuppressed and with severe gastrointestinal diseases are also at high risk for systemic malassezia infection. 1
8. AIM : To provide rational use of gastrointestinal prokinetic agents ( GIPA ) for clinicians reference. 1
9. AIM To explore whether dexamethasone dextran ( 260 000 ) has the characteristics of site specific delivery in rat gastrointestinal tract. 1
10. Also, the test may be useful for monitoring the effects of antibiotics on the gastrointestinal bacteria. 1
11. Although lungs, heart, gastrointestinal tract, and kidney were involved, there was no complicated with malignancy and calcinosis. 1
12. An upper gastrointestinal endoscopic examination revealed a polypoid mass moving to and fro between the stomach and the duodenum. 1
13. An upper gastrointestinal endoscopy should be performed to exclude other abnormalities. 1
14. Antisecretory agents, receptor antagonist, antisense polynucleotide and anti-gastrin antibody have been evaluated as anti-gastrin therapy of gastrointestinal tumour. 1
15. Antisecretory agents, receptor antagonist,(This website/polynucleotide.html) antisense polynucleotide and anti-gastrin antibody have been evaluated as anti-gastrin therapy of gastrointestinal tumour. 1
16. Areca catechu L. increased markedly the propulsive movement of gastrointestinal tract in mice. 1
17. At the same time, the results of Canis lupus also exhibit characteristics of gastrointestinal endocrine cells of wild animals. 1
18. At this time , the gastrointestinal manifestations, together with extreme weakness and fatigability, are the major symptoms. 1
19. Background: Eosinophilic gastroenteritis (EG) is a rare, benign gastrointestinal disorder. As its clinical manifestation is unspecific , the misdiagnosis rate is high. 1
20. Baicalin, baicalein, berberine, palmatine are fundamental active components of regulating gastrointestinal function in Pinelliae Decoction for Purging Stomach-Fire and its bitter drugs for purgation. 1
21. Based on the optical activity of the complex formed by mannitol and ammonium molybdate, the mannitolum level in the gastrointestinal dialysis salt was determined with polarimetry. 1
22. Because of the thin radiolucent stripe surrounding the diverticulum, the appearance on an upper gastrointestinal series has also been described as the halo sign (3). 1
23. Both the basal diet and the sulphate supplement were well tolerated by all the volunteers and no gastrointestinal symptoms were reported. 1
24. Buchu: This has long been used as an African herbal remedy for ailments of the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, as it has diuretic and antiseptic properties due to various phenolic compounds. 1
25. Cases of pneumatosis cystoides gastrointestinalis were reported clinic-pathologically. 1
26. Changes in bowel habit may indicate disease of the gastrointestinal tract. 1
27. Chewing stimulates nerves that promote the release of hormones responsible for activating the gastrointestinal system, wrote study author Rob Schuster of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in California. 1
28. Cholecystokinin (CCK) is one of the first discovered gastrointestinal hormones and one of the important neuropeptides in the body. 1
29. Cholecystokinin is a peptide, which distributed widely throughout the gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system, and has a number of physiological effects. 1
30. CK20 is confined only to gastrointestinal epithelium and cannot be expressed in normal lymphatic tissue, blood, or bone marrow. 1





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