Gasps Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use gasps, so you can learn how to use gasps in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word gasps here, and see the words sound like or similar to gasps

# Sentence Times
1. "I'm all right," Max said weakly, but his breathing came in jagged gasps. 1
2. All I had to do was wait until my breath no longer came in short gasps and my body quit trembling. 1
3. As the strange shape darts in, the whole audience jumps and gasps. 1
4. Audible gasps rose here and there together with short, whispered words and the murmur of anticipation. 1
5. Between gasps Michael said that he was allergic to cats. 1
6. He leant against the railing, his breath coming in short gasps. 1
7. Her breath came in convulsive gasps. 1
8. Her breath came in shallow gasps. 1
9. His announcement produced gasps of amazement. 1
10. His breath came in short gasps. 1
11. His breath was coming in short irregular gasps. 1
12. I still remember the horrified gasps from the audience when the first model made her way down the runway in see-through splendor. 1
13. I was breathing in short little gasps. 1
14. In Mareccu's arms Jun coughed and again, breathing in hoarse gasps, her body trembling. 1
15. Li Yuan's look of surprise as the Arab reared brought gasps as well as laughter from all round. 1
16. Like the arch, it is that rare kind of public monument that draws gasps. 1
17. Maxim ducked behind the first man who was hauling back his breath in short gasps. 1
18. My breaths were coming in gasps. 1
19. Now she could hear heavy breathing, gasps and a grunt as some one scrambled up the rubble in front of her. 1
20. Now we solaced our brow on the porcelain, and emitted a few sour gasps of disgust. 1
21. Some animals are still breathing in ragged gasps and blinking slowly. 1
22. Somehow she managed to take a proper breath, not the little shallow gasps she had been giving up to now. 1
23. The announcement that he was guilty brought gasps and sobs in the packed courtroom. 1
24. The film was shown to gasps of rapture at the Democratic Convention. 1
25. The gasps of shock built into a cacophony of questions. 1
26. The picture was greeted with gasps of admiration. 1
27. The pizza deliveryman took a few last gasps and died on the pavement. 1
28. The stunt brought shocked gasps from the audience. 1
29. Then there's nothing but the implacable, soul-less beat, and a subdued babble of shudders and metallic gasps. 1
30. There were gasps of horror from the spectators as he fell off the tightrope. 1

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