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# Sentence Times
1. .. locomotive bogie frame suspension - axle load transfer is analyzed on the ramp. 1
2. “TRIP intends to hold agencies to a common time frame, but we aren’t there yet,” she said. 1
3. 'I think when Arnold, Anthony and Charlie happened in a similar time frame we were like "OK here we go, "' he said. 'It was a no-brainer.' 1
4. "Common Program"on the constitutional development in China has a huge impact, it has established a series of legal principles constitute the basic framework of the socialist con. 1
5. "Developers will now be able to use one tool, one framework, and one common code base and build apps that run on Android, BlackBerry, and iOS," said Dave Gruber, Adobe group product manager. 1
6. "My only comment at this stage is that I want to see both embryonic and adult stem-cell research continue in Australia under a strict ethical framework, " he said. 1
7. "This isn't going to be the 30-day quick rinse that Chrysler's had," industry analyst Maryann Keller said. "I think six months is absolutely a much better time frame than 30 or 60 days. 1
8. 6-millimetre film was used because it offered clearer freeze frames than video tape. 1
9. A 3 steel legs, solid wood frame, high elasticity sponge, half leather, washable. 1
10. A ASK frame re-transmission principle and software watchdog timer (soft WDT) are proposed in order to guarantee steady data transmission in a wireless environment. 1
11. A basic slo-cooker is an earthenware pot, with a lid, set in a metal frame that contains a heating element. 1
12. A blackbody radiator will therefore appear black in all inertial frames. 1
13. A British military button found between the frames last summer supports the theory the vessel may have been used around the time of the Revolutionary War as some type of troop carrier. 1
14. A broken safety glass window frames a destroyed house after an EF 5 tornado struck Greensburg, Kansas. 1
15. A bullet glanced off the window frame and lodged in the wall. 1
16. A bullet hole in a window frames a security guard outside an office building hit during a raid by NATO forces in Kabul. 1
17. A bus frame FEM model is built up with shell and beam elements, which is proved to be accurate by static electrometric tests. 1
18. A central angled cut will make levering out easier 7 Use the crowbar to prise the frame from the wall. 1
19. A cinema screen fills the small stage of the Cottesloe, framed by steel scaffolding and lit with red beacons. 1
20. A circle of missing image data smoothly wandering around the film could be imagined as the result of a worm taking a wiggly path as it eats through a stack of frames. 1
21. A clear explanation of the subject provides a frame on which a deeper understanding can be built. 1
22. A clear indication of language proficiency with results directly linked to the Common European Framework level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). 0
23. A cluster algorithm of automatic key frame extraction based on adaptive threshold is employed and mended for extracting shot's key frames. 2
24. A collision probability depends on calling frame format, baud rate and calling frequency. 1
25. A common framework of compiler is abstracted during the research of the interpreter of procedure language. After that, the implementation schemes of the front end and back end are presented. 1
26. A community based approach can provide a local organisational framework more able than individuals to interact with administrative and planning institutions. 1
27. A considerable quantity of data was collected and use was made of both a main frame and a desk top machine. 1
28. A convulsive fit so that his thin frame shook. 1
29. A cutting tip for a cutting tool used to cut or drill a brittle workpiece such as stone, brick, concrete, or asphalt and a frame saw provided with the cutting tip are disclosed. 1
30. A database framework allows you to equalize them to some extent. 1




frames (plural noun)

  - a rigid structure that surrounds or encloses something such as a door or window.

  - a person's body with reference to its size or build.

  - a basic structure that underlies or supports a system, concept, or text.

  - a single complete picture in a series forming a movie, television, or video film.

  - another term for rack.


frames (third person present) · framed (past tense) · framed (past participle) · framing (present participle)

  - place (a picture or photograph) in a frame.

  - create or formulate (a concept, plan, or system).


  - a set of criteria or stated values in relation to which measurements or judgments can be made.


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