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1. "At the moment, we are living through a phase of fragmentation but as more and more of the world is covered by compliance schemes, there will be pressure to internationalise the system," he adds. 1
2. "Beloved" to the random fragments cut fight disorder characterized omission of information warfare, the question and roentgenographic files were reviewed retrospectively. 1
3. "Even in sleep, I was further informed, the old lady might sketch fragmentary signs on the counterpane," Sacks writes. 1
4. "Petition" is an anthology of Kafkaesque anecdotes, most of them fragmentary, but what gives it shape and almost unbearable dramatic weight are the handful of stories the director pursues in detail. 1
5. "Upon exploding on contact with an object, each sub-munition disintegrates into high-velocity fragments to attack people and releases a slug of molten metal to penetrate armored vehicles," HRW noted. 1
6. A blast of superheated rock fragments heralded the Doctor's arrival into a huge circular chamber. 1
7. A cDNA fragment was isolated and cloned from the total RNA of calli of Onobrychis tanaitica containing condensed tannin using RT-PCR technique. 1
8. A cDNA library could contain all cDNAs from a single tissue, for example, and could be screened for the ability to hybridize to a fragment of known DNA. 1
9. A conserved leucine-rich fragment had existed in the derived protein sequence. 1
10. A doctor used a probe to remove metal fragments from a wound. 1
11. A final dream begins, a fragment from Laurel and Hardy. 1
12. A fragment of the Cross is enshrined in the cathedral. 1
13. A fragment was rubbed into the eyes, causing them to water copiously. 1
14. A free radical is a molecular fragment having an unpaired electron. 1
15. A gene fragment encoding three copies of proinsulin C peptide was synthesized and expressed in E. 1
16. A multi - center fragmentation is governed by steric factors. 1
17. A neutron striking a uranium 235 atom, releasing some gammas and some neutrons, creating two fission fragments which themselves have a distribution of occurrence. 1
18. A new method of the calculation of nature - fragment mass distribution for small diameter howitzer projectile. 1
19. A nuee consists of an incandescent mass of solid fragments, buoyed up by the rush of expanding, heated gases. 1
20. A pair of primers derived from this fragment can specifically amplify Yersinia pestis templates. 1
21. A pot experiment with clonal fragments consisting of two interconnected ramets of F. orientalis-a stoloniferous herb widely distributed in China-was conducted. 1
22. A pyroclastic flow is a ground-hugging avalanche of hot ash, pumice, rock fragments, and volcanic gas that rushes down the side of a volcano at several hundred miles an hour. 1
23. A rapid differential diagnosis for avian tumors, which based on PCR technique was developed to amplify the specific gene fragments: 132bpr of MDV, LTRs of ALV and REV viral genomes. 1
24. A second pair of windows burst inwards, shattered in unison, glass fragments chiming and clattering to the carpet. 1
25. A separately organised night-nursing service tends to fragment patient care. 1
26. A solid example of file fragmentation with a single hard drive can be shown simply by running a disk defragmenter on your own computer. 1
27. A sprawling double album of many moods, and even the upbeat numbers have an undertow of fragmentation. 1
28. A subordinate clause can not stand alone as a sentence– that is a sentence fragment. 1
29. A suburbanized, ecologically fragmented America has little room for seriously big native animals. 1
30. A transform can reorganize tag structure, add/remove tags and attributes, and filter to zoom in on select fragments of XML data. 1




fragments (plural noun)

  - a small part broken or separated off something.


fragments (third person present) · fragmented (past tense) · fragmented (past participle) · fragmenting (present participle)

  - break or cause to break into fragments.


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