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# Sentence Times
1. As the foreword says, the Code is most importantly addressed to each local authority. 1
2. But I have enormous sympathy for our teachers after reading the foreword to Labour's version of the National Curriculum. 1
3. Dynamic reduction problem is discussed and algorithm adding and reducing rules in the decision-making table dynamically are put foreword so as to reduce the computing complexity. 1
4. Follows the cooperation system basic principle, the standardization has the foreword operation. 1
5. His job included enlisting Justin Kaplan to write the introduction and working with Victor Doyno on the textual foreword and addendum. 1
6. Idleness on Ninth Day And foreword is Tao Yuanming sonly Double Ninth Festival poem to chant the chrysanthemum, and this poem has deep influence in Tang Dynasty. 1
7. In a foreword to the book, the president of Yale, Richard C. 1
8. In an editorial foreword the need for this prospectus was explained. 1
9. One , foreword Einstein thinks, all our thinking are a kind of free game of the concept. 1
10. Same room colour is unfavorable and overmuch, different room can part buy color, gaudy does not have avoid mussily foreword. 1
11. That book has a preface, not a foreword. 1
12. That dictionary has a preface, not a foreword. 1
13. The book, which as proposed will include a foreword by Karan, will be out in a year. 1
14. The extract comes right at the end of the foreword. 1
15. The guidelines contain a foreword by the Data Protection Registrar who had a few reservations about the guidelines. 1
16. The only new commentary of note is an unsurprisingly well-turned foreword by John Updike, a friend and admirer of yore. 1
17. The paper has five chapters except foreword and postscript. 1
18. The paper introduces database design theory, SCADA real-time data theory and flexible data interface briefly, and put forewords that using SCADA powerful script to design PBS dispatching algorithm. 1
19. This article's foreword elaborates the significance and aim of the article research. 1
20. This book has a foreword by the President. 1
21. This is not only a foreword to a book but also an afterword to a large chunk of my life. 1
22. Which bank or which kinds of means, does hand foreword expend lowest? 1
23. Zweig's education and the influences imposed on him have formed his own thoughts on biographic literature, which can be seen in the forewords, prefaces and other texts. 1




forewords (plural noun)

  - a short introduction to a book, typically by a person other than the author.


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