Foretelling Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use foretelling, so you can learn how to use foretelling in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word foretelling here, and see the words sound like or similar to foretelling

# Sentence Times
1. Also hidden in his Buddha-like pose is a subtle foretelling of Darth Maul's death by bifurcation. 1
2. Also prophecy and the foretelling of future events are practised by them. 1
3. Are you calling or foretelling? 1
4. But if art offers an ominous foretelling of the experiment, the scientists running it are confident that real life will be different. 1
5. Divination:The art or act of foretelling future events or revealing occult knowledge by means of augury or an alleged supernatural agency. 1
6. For the clear-sighted, at a political level Nietzsche was a prophet, foretelling the crude German fate. 1
7. He had the power both of foretelling the future and of changing his shape at will. 1
8. Heavy clouds hang low over a dilapidated homestead in the Midwest, foretelling a possible tornado. 1
9. Heavy clouds hang low over a dilapidated homestead in the Midwest,(This website/midwest.html) foretelling a possible tornado. 1
10. I do not foretell, for all foretelling is now vain; on the one hand lies darkness, and on the other only hope. 1
11. I do not pretend to Emma's genius for foretelling and guessing. 1
12. If the conclusion is right, there will be an important complement for the novel's foretelling ways. 1
13. Mr. Gao Chuan-chi asked if the author was foretelling the species replacing human being after its extinction. Mr. 1
14. Physicists are now foretelling the death of cosmology, or the study of our universe, as we know it. 1
15. The flowers withered, foretelling the dawn of autumn. 1
16. This is nothing new.We have never been good at foretelling the future, but when the news isfavorable, others forgive our lack of prescience. 1
17. Tonight, the torch of the 26th Summer Universiade will be ignited right here in this young city, foretelling a better future for Shenzhen through hard work in sustained enthusiasm. 1

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