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# Sentence Times
1. "We believe that the policy response has to be comprehensive and forceful," he declared in his speech, adding that "there is more risk and greater cost in gradualism than aggressive action." 1
2. A forceful moderate, he electrified his colleagues by speaking in favour of collegiality, the Vatican s codeword for internal democracy. 1
3. A forceful outburst blew over the garden. 1
4. A government has not the vitality and forcefulness of a living man. 1
5. Aging nuclear plants pose a risk in the United States as well, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission must enforce up-to-date safety standards more forcefully -- or risk the possibility of a disaster. 1
6. Airbags, designed for adult males, may punch outward too forcefully for children and small adults. 1
7. All over the human body, the most coriaceous and forceful muscle is tongue. 1
8. All over the world, the spread of the globalized monoculture is forcefully eradicating ecosocial forms of culture that evolved in place. 1
9. All over the world,(This website/globalize.html) the spread of the globalized monoculture is forcefully eradicating ecosocial forms of culture that evolved in place. 1
10. And almost immediately she'd felt the forceful beam of Ross's hard grey eyes sweeping over her slender figure. 1
11. Barbara is / has a very forceful personality. 1
12. Betty Friedan was a forceful advocate of women's rights. 1
13. Bristow and Trevitt never waver in the closeness of their mutual dialogue and move easily between forceful classical dynamics and quiet self-containment. 1
14. Buccal fat pad was for the repair of the right retromolar area. forceful mouth opening exercise was done everyday following the surgery. 52 mm was the MMO nine months postoperatively. 1
15. but he is also recognized as a great strategist, a forceful leader, and--together with Ulysses Grant --the ablest Union general of the war. 1
16. But the majority objected forcefully to the word protester, and many were not even happy with rioter. 1
17. By contrast, the manufacturers of ammonium nitrate fertiliser have always manfully ignored its explosive properties, despite frequent forceful reminders. 1
18. Cash - strapped consumers in depreciating houses might respond more forcefully to tax cuts than lower interest rates. This website 1
19. Cynthia's personality was more forceful and outgoing. 1
20. Daytime television tended to remind her too forcefully of her own situation. 1
21. Diplomatic negotiations were rejected outright as insufficiently forceful. 1
22. Even his closest allies describe him as forceful, aggressive and determined. 1
23. First Alain Lemarchand with his forceful manner and now Glyn with his everlasting questions. 1
24. For most people a heart attack is a forceful reminder that they are mortal. 1
25. Gage is outspoken and forceful. 1
26. Gloag had a deformity of the right arm and a somewhat high-pitched voice, but overall made a forceful impression. 1
27. Governments should adopt a more forceful approach to improve the environment. 1
28. He argued forcefully and convincingly that they were likely to bankrupt the budget. 1
29. He argued forcefully that stricter laws were necessary to deal with the problem. 1
30. He brought back his foot as far as it would go and channelled all its hydraulic power into a forceful throw. 1

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