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# Sentence Times
1. 'I'm not an authority on them,' Jessica said with forced lightness. 1
2. 'Oh, hello,' said Eileen, with forced brightness. 1
3. 'Oh, hello,' said Eileen,(This website with forced brightness. 1
4. " For 15 years Manchester was the Hacienda, " says former promotions manager Scott King. " The moment that ended, the spirit, the one unifying force, died and with it went the whole Manchester legacy. 1
5. "Air-to-air refueling is an essential skill for JASDF and U.S. pilots to allow for force projection," Captain Taylor said. 1
6. "Drink The Wine" is an irresistible force, evoking primetime Gladys Knight and The Pips. 1
7. "How wonderful," he said, but his cheery tone sounded a bit forced. 1
8. "I guarantee you, there will be in due course," he said, one that will force a recalibration of the faith people put cloud services for critical data preservation. 1
9. "If anybody really wants to wage jihad, he must fight the occupation forces inside Afghanistan, " Mullah Omar told Pakistani militants in a letter. 1
10. "If Portugal is forced to take a bailout then they'll turn their attention to Spain and I don't know what the government will do," said Edro Schwartz, economist at San Pablo University in Madrid. 1
11. "In accordance with the security agreement between the United States and Iraq, U.S. combat forces have completed the withdrawal out of Iraqi cities, " he said. 1
12. "It was his peculiar doctrine that a man has a perfect right to interfere by force with the slaveholder, in order to rescue the slave" (Henry David Thoreau). 1
13. "Local mothers are being forced to give birth in the corridors of hospitals because mainland mothers are over-crowding our hospitals, " Annie Yam, a mother of two who took part in the march, told AFP. 1
14. "Market failures" refer to situations in which the normal market forces of supply and demand fail to deliver an optimal outcome for society as a whole. 1
15. "Pakistani soldiers opened unprovoked firing on our Umra Wali post at 8.05 (local time) this morning, " said the spokesman for the paramilitary Indian Border Security force. 1
16. "Richard Holbrooke was a larger-than-life figure, who through his brilliance, determination and sheer force of will helped to bend the curve of history in the direction of progress," Biden said. 1
17. "Saraband" (2003, Ingmar Bergman): Emotions of shattering power; family, memory, death, and the black sun of a creative force that not only won't die but consumes anyone it can attract. 1
18. "Signatory" means either a Party or an entity designated in accordance with Article 2 (3), for which the Operating Agreement has entered into force. 1
19. "Sirte is becoming a ghost town, " said resident Salim Omar as he passed a checkpoint manned by revolutionary forces on the city's western outskirts. 1
20. "Son, there's been a bit of a mix-up, " admits the surgeon. "I'm afraid there was an accident, and we were forced to perform a sex-change operation. 1
21. "Switzerland also has 33 US-made FA-18 Hornet fighter jets for its frontline defence force. 1
22. "The rose to extremely high frequency in a relatively short time, implying that the selective force was quite strong, " Su says. 1
23. "The Air force did, however, respond positively by changing numerous practices at the mortuary, " the OSC said in a statement. 1
24. "The hero in the movie escaped from invading Japanese forces by putting a wood-gas powered engine in a school bus and escaping with a busload of orphans in a bus powered by coconut shells," he says. 1
25. "The market is charging ahead and LEED is the powerful driving force, " said USGBC president Richard Fedrizzi. 1
26. "The struggle of Red May" was led by the Party with main form was revolt, it made the work center of the party from cities to country, forced the development of the revolutionary struggles. 1
27. "The task force will look to ensure that our concerns are being raised at all levels with governments and international organizations," Shiner said. 1
28. "There's been a decision to bolster our forces in the Pacific, " says Bonnie Glaser, a China expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. 1
29. "They have beaten many, injured hundreds, " says Rajab, who was himself arrested and beaten by uniformed security forces in the early hours of Friday morning. 1
30. "To force their conservative views on me isn't fair," he told the Chronicle while sitting on a metal chair in a Castro plaza with a book, a sandwich and a sarong separating his backside from the seat. 1




forces (plural noun) · the force (noun)

  - strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.

  - coercion or compulsion, especially with the use or threat of violence.

  - mental or moral strength or power.

  - an organized body of military personnel or police.


forces (third person present) · forced (past tense) · forced (past participle) · forcing (present participle)

  - make a way through or into by physical strength; break open by force.

  - make (someone) do something against their will.


forces (plural noun)

  - a waterfall.


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