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# Sentence Times
1. " air shower " government whether explicit order forbid development actually, but actually got the government's silent approvement, support in the dark . 1
2. "A valediction: Forbidding Mourning", his early poem, is one of the most representative works of English metaphysical poetry. 0
3. "In studying monstrosities", they wrote, "we seem to catch forbidden sight of the secret work-room of Nature, and drag out into the light the evidences of her clumsiness". 1
4. "That's forbidden, " said study co-author and Stony Brook University biophysicist Koon-Kiu Yan. 1
5. A 1930 U.S. law forbids importation of items made in prisons. 1
6. A challenging language, carrying with it the sweet allure of forbidden fruit. 1
7. A congressional mandate from the 1990s forbids government funding for an Expo, and only a last-minute fund-raising effort by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton salvaged U.S. participation. 1
8. A country might storm out of the euro—which the treaty forbids, but who could stop a determined government? 1
9. A letter to his wife Abigail told of how he once gathered nerve to peek in on forbidding Catholic worship in Philadelphia. 1
10. A man of rather forbidding countenance drew a revolver and thrust the weapon into his face. 1
11. A plural marriage is forbidden by many countries. 1
12. A potential show-stopper, passing "this" as an argument to a method or a constructor from inside a mixin is forbidden! 1
13. A printed checklist was provided, undue haste forbidden. 1
14. A recent study by economists at UBS, a Swiss bank, suggested that the costs in each of these eventualities would be forbiddingly high. 1
15. A severe , forbidding man whom all feared and respected. 1
16. A vast inland bay, the forbidding White Sea takes its name from constant fog, snowbound shores, and from September to May, a surface composed entirely of ice. 1
17. Abide operation regulation, forbid peccant operation. 1
18. According to GM, nationalist hero Sun Yat-sen owned one, and the last emperor Pu Yi's two Buicks were the first cars to enter the Forbidden City in 1924. 0
19. Acting sword- leaved cymbidium of the Song Dynasty is not famous, the orchid home that connects Fujian this locality even and bookman refined scholar say to forbid orchid renown. 1
20. Acts 16:6 And they passed through the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia. 1
21. Adam and Eve were induced to eat the Forbidden Fruit by Satan. 0
22. Adam, as a child, had been strictly forbidden ever to go in there. 1
23. Afraid they speed up wantoned, in the hereafter again some what impair the words of kinglet Ye reputation spread to go and then wanted to forbid a tube by that time, only afraid is also night. 1
24. After 20 minutes or so, the carriage turned into a long drive lined with tall poplars, drawing up eventually outside a huge and rather forbidding red-brick mansion. 1
25. After each screening, you should wipe clean the residual dust in screen plate on the body , forbidden dish washing percussion and placed order cannot be reversed. 1
26. After taking portraits in their homes, she obtained permission to photograph them in several naturist clubs, where photography is normally strictly forbidden. 1
27. After that I was forbidden the sidewalk without supervision and sentenced to confinement in the backyard with Dons. 1
28. After the DPRK's nuclear test on May 25, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1874, which forbids the DPRK to test-fire SCUD, medium-range or long-range missiles. 1
29. After the invasion, people were forbidden to fly their national flag. 1
30. After the invasion,(This website/flag.html) people were forbidden to fly their national flag. 1

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