Fondness Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use fondness, so you can learn how to use fondness in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word fondness here, and see the words sound like or similar to fondness

# Sentence Times
1. "Others have, " replied Letterman, referring to George Bush's fondness for lengthy brush-clearing trips at his Texas ranch. 1
2. "They professed their fondness so effusively and often that they sounded like high school sweethearts at a Hallmark card display, " Mr. Isaacson writes. 1
3. Among his many enthusiasms is a great fondness of Eastern music. 1
4. And yet all his life, his integrity warred with a flair for the theatrical, a fondness for tall tales. 1
5. Another sore point was de Gaulle's fondness for theatricality and rhetoric, which sometimes came at the expense of substance. 1
6. At the same time, Rasul also expresses his fondness for Russian writers Pushkin, Lermontov, Sholokhov and Tolstoy: "I admire Tolstoy for his stand against violence." 1
7. Benitez has long admitted his admiration for Atletico, having started his coaching at Real Madrid's youth teams, but often spoken on his fondness for their cross-town rivals. 1
8. Breeds differ in how highly strung they are, how much they snap at children and in their fondness for barking. 1
9. But he has a particular fondness for painting scenes remembered from his native Montana. 1
10. But now, as shock waves surged through him, he realized that his liking had at least become fondness. 1
11. Could my fondness have kept you steady I should not now appear before you in this solemn manner. 1
12. Early hints of this fondness for the dramatic percolate through his journal. 1
13. First, during the Iditarod I was struck by the fondness that Alaskans showed for their governor. 1
14. He had an almost paternal fondness for Pen. 1
15. He has a fondness for outrageous double entendre. 1
16. He has an incorrigible fondness for persons of low birth and spends most of the day with them. 1
17. He is fond of exciting fondness in the boy. 1
18. He loved Sullen, liked her sisters, respected Gerald and had a genuine fondness for the plantation. 1
19. He seems to possess some innate badness of character and fondness for low company. 1
20. He will be remembered by the staff with great fondness. 1
21. Here is a story about his fondness for Semele. 1
22. Hetty was not sufficiently familiar with caresses or outward demonstrations of fondness. 1
23. His fondness for rings had already earned him the nickname Ringo. 1
24. His musical tastes – in particular, his fondness for Paul Simon – reflected his awareness of similar professionalism in other fields. 1
25. His tales were simple and sweet and his characters endearing enough to remember with fondness all the way to adulthood. 1
26. I am one character space is frank and docile geniality of health female, a fondness for reads and appreciates an art, like to travel with friend together. Have been to a lot of Europe nations. 1
27. I'd call her from the United States and tell her all the things I'd been up to and send care packages with instant vanilla pudding, for which she'd developed a great fondness. 1
28. I've always had a certain fondness for her. 1
29. I've always had a fondness for jewels. 1
30. In the movie is busy with in all directions "the bestowment" good luck Ge You, but this chapter of vivid fashion fondness of countryside, elegant bearing, very very very idol faction. 1

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