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1. A large number of mushroom species including Ganoderma lucidum, Coriolus versicolor, Fomes fomentarius, Tremella fuciformis and Lentinus edodes are traditionally used in Chinese folk medicines. 1
2. A rocket scientist invented Estee Lauder's La Mer, by fomenting mineral water and sea kelp. 1
3. A rocket scientist invented Estee Lauder's La Mer,(This website/mer.html) by fomenting mineral water and sea kelp. 1
4. An Arab uprising against us, which the Germans were definitely trying foment, would have been disastrous. 1
5. Anyone fomenting on advocating the leaving of Fort William Henry will be hung for sedition. 1
6. Can boil water, let your baby hear steam generated, or use warm towel baby Fomentation Department of nasion. 0
7. Conclusion Votatin emulgel inunction excelled fomentation in treating the pain from vein transfusion. 1
8. Every black leader became suspected of anti-Semitism-if not of fomenting it, then at least of tolerating it in colleagues. 1
9. Every two blocks or so he would leave the parade to renew an old acquaintanceship or foment a new one. 1
10. For more years than I care to recall, the media have served as a willing accessory in fomenting environmental hysteria. 1
11. He hosted the meetings where the rebellion was fomented which ousted Mrs Thatcher from power. 1
12. He insisted I fomenting dissent, and he said he would have to terminate me. 1
13. In addition to unorganized individual and mob action, the Klan continued to foment racial violence. 1
14. In implementing a policy against transnational crime and terrorism, we must, nonetheless, respect human rights and avoid measures that will lead to further radicalization and foment terrorism. 1
15. Iran announced yesterday that members of a foreign-backed "anti-revolutionary group" responsible for fomenting unrest and armed with bomb-making materials had been arrested. 1
16. It has been suggested that these pressures exacerbated an already tenuous situation, and set the stage for the fomentation of the Civil War. 1
17. It was closer to being a turbulent ocean fomented by the tempestuous warp tides below. 1
18. Large sums of money have been expended in creating and fomenting prejudice and ill feeling against us. 1
19. My doctor let me Fomentation day, I think the trouble the past few days, intends to find a doctor of acupuncture, may be faster to resolve it. 0
20. Panyu in Guangzhou has been feeling tired of the "big times, " Why Fomentation to all directions in Beijing? 0
21. That's an attempt to foment discord. 1
22. The activists were charged with fomenting revolution. 1
23. The invented medical analgesic fomentation bag is composed of heat generation agent, traditional Chinese analgesic and bag. 1
24. The old quarrel, sprung from a tract of land in dispute, had been fomented by many acts of hostility since. 1
25. The paper is designed to study the anti-tumor activity of Ethanol Extract of Fomes fomentariusKick. and its possible Mechanisms. 1
26. The rebels know the truth and seek to foment revolution. 1
27. The result has been a series of increasingly bizarre and destructive blowups that generally foment a lot of confusion be-fore petering out. 1
28. The role of women in fomenting male aggression is, I now believe, marginal, even irrelevant. 1
29. The song was banned on the grounds that it might foment racial tension. 1
30. The still - simmering possibility of previously unthinkable defaults by west European states continues to foment uncertainty. 1


[ˌfōˈment, ˈfōˌment]


foments (third person present) · fomented (past tense) · fomented (past participle) · fomenting (present participle)

  - instigate or stir up (an undesirable or violent sentiment or course of action).


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