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# Sentence Times
1. "4 white be born " , foil give one side to let a person very appetitive partition, least money, best effect. 1
2. "Gold Top", it is Maximilian the Great Square to watch a ceremony held built, the use of the 2657 gold foil, is a sign of Innsbruck. 1
3. A brave police chief foiled an armed robbery on a jewellers' by grabbing the raiders' shotgun. 1
4. A cold beer is the perfect foil for a curry. 1
5. A final covering of aluminium foil or carbon paper reduces the risk of detection by X-ray machines. 1
6. A heated die is used to apply a foil imprint to a material surface to produce imprint. Gold or silver foil will be used for most cases. 2
7. A hospital is to fit new-born babies with electronic tags to foil kidnappers. 1
8. A Japanese citizen failed in his attempt to commit Seppuku, a form of ritual suicide by disembowelment, in front of the Houses of Parliament in Tokyo Monday after police foiled his bid. 1
9. A malfunctioning fuel tanks sensor foiled NASA's plans for lift - off Friday. 1
10. A massive arms-smuggling plan has been foiled by the CIA. 1
11. A partition surfaced in foil wall covering stands in lieu of a headboard. 1
12. A plastic foil for inflatable type package pad comprises a volumed material with a front end and a tail end. 1
13. A semiconductor fast neutron spectrometer consisting of a Au-Si surface barrier detector and a conical polyethylene foil radiator is described. 1
14. A simple round neck style with wrist length sleeves it makes the perfect foil for a favourite scarf or piece of jewellery. 1
15. A tube of silver foil folded over a loop of line pulled down about eighteen inches between bite alarm and reel. 1
16. A vapour barrier is formed by packaging the salt in foil lined boxes. 1
17. A white tablet, wrapped in foil, with a bird stamped on one side and a smiley face on the other. 1
18. According to stochastic optimal follow-up control theory, the foilborn attitude control for the fully submerged hydrofoil under heavy scale sea is studied in this paper. 1
19. Adopts shielding aluminum foil, able to reach a very good shielding effect. 1
20. Again they were foiled - this time by a security cage lining the shop window. 1
21. All Buddha also uses 24 K gold foil gold, bright golden light, solemn - hui anxiety. 1
22. All Buddha also uses 24 K gold foil gold, bright golden light, solemn - hui anxiety. This website 1
23. All I got in here, a sort of five acres of tin foil. 1
24. All optimism was dashed with the arrival of exhausted Franglais bread accompanied by squares of butter in foil. 1
25. Allied pilots later reported that on more than one occasion, that as the aircraft approached the U-boat, the blimp on the radar would suddenly disappear, foiling the attack. 1
26. Although one may run into snags And be foiled everywhere in his course of pursuit. 1
27. Aluminium foil with clear lacquer on plastic carrier. 1
28. Aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging is used primarily for blister packaging. 1
29. Aluminum foil must not crease after heating. 1
30. An alleged attempt to assassinate President Gaviria was foiled. 1









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