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1. "No economic fluctuations," Lee wrote, "changed their status." 1
2. "When images begin to fade, the uncertainty about where to look increases the fluctuations in superior colliculus activity, triggering a microsaccade," adds Krauzlis. 1
3. A bimetallic element is fitted between the movement and Bourdon tube to compensate for fluctuations of ambient temperature at the case. 1
4. A computer printout running constantly shows any increase or decrease in activity and the appropriate fluctuation in energy output. 1
5. A design method of a robust rotational velocity controller of water hydraulic servomotor was presented for the uncertain parameters and the load fluctuation. 1
6. A firm secures a needed commodity and is protected against price fluctuation. 1
7. A hot-wire turbulence spectral analyzer for measuring the power spectrum of wind tunnel fluctuation flow was designed and constructed, basing on the principle of spectrum - analysis. 1
8. A hot-wire turbulence spectral analyzer for measuring the power spectrum of wind tunnel fluctuation flow was designed and constructed, basing on the principle of spectrum - analysis.This website 1
9. A method is brought forward by which the fluctuation in zero and in sensitivity of output of the magnetoelastic torque sensor can be made. 1
10. A new test method concerning hydro-elastic problems as pintle load determination and hoisting load fluctuation is suggested. 1
11. A novel design of coaxial resonator microwave amplifier equalizer has been developed to effectively compensate the fluctuation of the gain of the microwave tube. 1
12. A slight fluctuation in melt flow index of the PP-R power does not affect quality of extrudate and stability of extruding process. 1
13. A switched varactor array is proposed to suppress tuning gain fluctuation for the performance of the phase locked loop (PLL). 1
14. A type of statistical analysis used to study high-energy physics and stock market fluctuations could yield a new angle of attack in the fight against the virus that causes AIDS. 1
15. According to the basic characteristics of internal combustion engines, crank angle domain and its frequency domain were chosen, and engine momentary speed fluctuations were divided. 1
16. Accumulators are energy stores, they smooth out the wave by wave fluctuations of energy such that we can draw a constant flow of oil through a hydraulic motor, to drive the generator. 1
17. Addition of successively higher odd harmonics steepens the wings and reduces the amplitude of the fluctuations in between. 1
18. After making statistical average over the initial phases, the average and quantum fluctuation of every quantity reduce to that derived by the standard quantum mechanics. 1
19. After the summarization of stylized facts of China's business fluctuations, two dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE for short hence force) models were established. 1
20. Agribusiness that operates in sectors marked by seasonal fluctuations has been prone to this sort of employment. 1
21. Aim: To study the efficacy and safety of entacapone as an adjunct to levodopa treatment in parkinsonian patients with wearing-off motor fluctuations. 1
22. Aiming at little fluctuation of cutting force of glass bulb panel's surface, the best tool path is three dimension and the second is furthest highness . 1
23. All of these contributions represented, to some extent, the coming to fruition of seeds started during my research on "Expectations and Business Fluctuations". 0
24. All the risk enterprises are exposed to come from the fluctuations of sales income and the size of leverage. 1
25. Also, it is found and analysed that there exists inlet pressure fluctuation of coiled capillary tubes when the degree of subcooling is changed from one to another. 1
26. Although independent, therefore, the country remains in a typically colonial economic situation, dangerously dependent on fluctuations in world markets. 1
27. Although the study of DSSW model confirmed the noise trader obtained more gain than arbitrageur, the arbitrageur restricted the fluctuation of price and the benefit space of noise trader. 1
28. Although there have been positive changes in the fluctuation of prices, the foundation of a rebound in prices isn't firm due to the fact that the supply is still greater than the demand. 1
29. Always remember that weather markets are mercurial , extreme in price fluctuations, and very difficult to master. 1
30. An active-load type, dual-gate TFT pixel amplifier is used to drive a V-shaped-switching smectic LC without voltage fluctuation. 1

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