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# Sentence Times
1. A company official said development of the record-breaking technology was finalized earlier this year,(This website/record-breaking.html) but this will be the first time it will be installed. 1
2. Agincourt is now waiting for an agreement with a placement agent to be finalized while Deutsche Bank has been confirmed as the escrow and settlement agent. 1
3. And they cleared all background checks. But just before the foster parent situation could be finalized, Lutheran Child Family Services balked. 1
4. Article 20 After the acceptance by the People's Court of an bankruptcy petition, any commenced but not finalized civil suit or arbitration concerning the debtor shall be suspended. 1
5. But Congress overrode those draft guidelines before they were finalized and imposed a total ban two years ago. 1
6. But finalized the forward price without the capital to appear earlier this week recedes and holds steadily, suggested that the exchange rate or will depreciate temperately . 1
7. Completion of the transaction is subject to certain conditions being satisfied by both sides, and it is expected to be finalized during Oneida 's 2004 first fiscal quarter. 1
8. Design specifications for the research ship, for example, were still being finalized even after the design contract had been signed. 1
9. Klausner and Rimer both took pains Tuesday not to criticize the consensus panel report, which has not been finalized. 1
10. Negotiators from the three countries finalized the agreement in August. 1
11. No date has been finalized for the resumption of talks, he said. 1
12. Obama was to sign a presidential memorandum Thursday directing the Energy Department to get moving on energy standards for appliances, including a first batch he will order to be finalized by August. 1
13. On the Israeli side, hard-line foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman at every turn tried to prevent a negotiated outcome from being finalized. 1
14. Plans have not yet been finalized. 1
15. Prior to full - scale operation, the validation master plan should be finalized. 1
16. Russia has finalized plans to buy four giant $900 million Mistral-class assault ships from France, while Canada is mulling over a purchase of two. 1
17. Such property parameters contain small volume, short activation time and high energy density. Once the design is finalized, pyrotechnical battery is a perfect power source of shell fuze. 1
18. The limits on debit-card swipe fees -- one of the most contentious regulations to arise from the financial crisis -- were finalized by the Federal Reserve Board in June and take effect on Saturday. 1
19. The meeting has been postponed until travel arrangements can be finalized. 1
20. The poster and foldout material were finalized after two times pretest and could be used in IEC strategy. 1
21. The spokesman noted that not all the paperwork on the accord was finalized but said he expected it to be so soon. 1
22. The to-be state is finalized as a first feasible step -- both from budget and timeline -- toward the ideal process state. 1
23. The US Department of Energy said meanwhile that it has finalized $1.6 billion in loan guarantees to support the Ivanpah Solar Energy Generating System. 1
24. Treaties on good-neighbourly relations and on co-operation and mutual assistance between government ministries were also finalized. 1
25. We have not yet finalized the maximum number of players in ranked or unranked servers. 1
26. With the other chamber resisting radical change, Miller finalized the new proposal at a meeting with Kingston Tuesday morning. 1

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